Daughter Of Singapore Billionaire Throws The Most Lavish Party For Son

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It's also a star-studded event which boasted Singapore's most popular personalities as guests.

Lavish parties are not uncommon for showbiz personalities and even socialites, be it here, or abroad.

A number of celebrities spared no expense to commemorate milestones just like Scarlet Belo’s second birthday earlier this year, her parent’s fantabulous wedding in Paris, and even baby showers and gender reveals. Because why not, right? At the end of the day, it’s their money to spend, not ours.

But while the grandeur of celebrations are no longer news to us, the ceiling to which the word grand becomes a party’s definition gets higher and higher. Case in point: the 99th-day party for the grandson Mr. Peter Lim, Singapore’s 11th richest man.

The daughter of Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim’s daughter Kim Lim just threw the most extravagant 99th-day party for her baby, Kyden, at one of Singapore’s grandest venues, The Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore.

99th-Day Party

Now, what can you expect from a party thrown by the daughter of a business magnate whose net worth (according to Forbes’ 2017 estimates) is at $2.2 billion (that’s around Php313 billion, by the way)? An event that is nothing short of extravagant.

We spotted a merry-go-round complete with bunnies and horses, revolving cups, a dessert table of dreams, and more cakes than people! It’s also a star-studded event which boasted Singapore’s most popular personalities as guests.

A “party fit for a prince”… is an understatement.

See what we are talking about? PHOTO: FACEBOOK / Sharon Tang – Ling

Cuteness overloaded ! (PHOTO: INSTAGRAM / ELIZABETH LEONG)

Cake #1- Dragon style! (PHOTO: FACEBOOK / FLOURISH)

Cake #2 – A Prince atop his castle? 🙂 (PHOTO: INSTAGRAM / abitesg)

Cake #3- a 3 Tier baby elephant cake…(PHOTO: FACEBOOK / FLOURISH)

Cake #4 – For the little man! (PHOTO: INSTAGRAM / LAPETITEARTISAN)

And more cakes (we’ve stopped counting :p) PHOTO: INSTAGRAM / ELIZABETH LEONG

The dreamy dessert table…(PHOTO: INSTAGRAM / ELIZABETH LEONG)


Isn’t that table just wow?! PHOTO: INSTAGRAM / wanxin_belle

Kiddie delights! PHOTO: INSTAGRAM / wanxin_belle

And some more…:) PHOTO: INSTAGRAM / wanxin_belle

Once again, how gorgeous is that! #poorlittlerichkids 😉 (PHOTO: INSTAGRAM / wanxin_belle)

Can you imagine how the party will look like once the child turns one?




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