Do you know what your kids really feel when you spend too much time at work?

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Work-life balance is extremely important, most especially if you're a parent!

A lot of parents work hard to give their children a great future. However, some of them fail to neglect just how important it is to spend time with their kids.

So, what do your kids really feel when you spend too much time at work?

Kids need to spend more time with their parents

Being a working parent isn't easy. For one, you have to be responsible for your kids, your family, as well as your career. If you fail to neglect either one of those things, then you'll have a problem on your hands.

But the problem is for some parents, sacrificing time with their kids is easier to do than to miss a day of work, or go home early, instead of working overtime to earn some extra money.

In the Philippines, this is especially true since money is especially hard to come by, and all parents want to give their kids a bright future, as well as provide them will all of their needs and luxuries that they might want.

But in reality, kids don't need these things, as kids need their parents to spend time with them, more so than any other toy or fancy gift that they may ask for.

Overworking stresses both you, and your family

Working too much, and going home too late as a result can place a lot of stress on your body. Additionally, it also strains your relationship with your kids, and even your spouse, since you get to spend so little time with them.

Imagine working a minimum of 8 hours a day, and you're commuting a total of 2 hours to and from work. That's already 10 hours spent just on work alone. What if you're forced to work overtime? Or even work on weekends? You barely have enough time for yourself, time for your kids, and time for your spouse.

That's why if it seems that you're working too much, it might be time to rethink your priorities in life, and to reassess your relationship with your family.

Spend more time with your kids

Being an active parent during your children's formative years is very important since that's the time when important bonds are formed by your child. They need to see that you're always present in their lives, and that you make time for them, even if you're busy at work.

Your kids need to know that they're important in your life, and that you care about them. Showing your love goes beyond buying them material things. Showing your love means you spend time with them, talk to them, and teach them the ways of the world.

Instead of working so hard, why not try spending more time with your kid? They don't need that fancy new toy, or new clothes every week. Your kid needs you more than any other thing in the world. Your kids want nothing more than to be close to you and to have fun with their parents. They're only children once, so make it count.


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