Korean grandpa tells stories to his 3 grandsons using drawings on Instagram

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Who said old dogs can't learn new tricks? This Korean grandpa learned how to use social media to reach out to his grandkids overseas.

In today’s borderless world, more and more families end up spread out across the globe. But just because your family is separated by geography doesn’t mean that your connection is lost. One Korean family has found a unique way of keeping in touch—Brazil-based grandfather Chan Jae uses Instagram to tell stories to his three grandsons, two in South Korea and one in New York, Huffington Post reports.

New York-based artist Jin Lee shared the story of his father (who he calls a “grumpy old man”) in a touching video on Facebook. His father, 75-year-old Chan Jae, used to drive two of his grandsons to school every day in Brazil. But when their parents decided to move back to South Korea, Chan Jae was left lonely and bored.

Picking up the paintbrush

“My father was retired and spending time with my nephews, like driving them to school, was a huge part of his day. After they left, he had nothing to do and that scared my mother and me,” said Jin Lee told BBC News. “We were very worried that he would age quickly without having anything to do and would become depressed.”

After remembering that his father used to draw for them when they were children, Jin Lee suggested to his father that he pick up drawing again and post his art on Instagram. Chan Jae initially didn’t like the idea—he had never heard of Instagram. He had never even sent an email or conducted a Google search!

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Find out how Chan Jae learned how to use social media and how he enjoys drawing for his grandkids on the next page.

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