Mom loses 20 kilos in just three months

Mom loses 20 kilos in just three months

How did she do it?

Are you struggling with a few extra kilos that refuse to budge? Do you often dream of your svelte, pre-pregnancy figure and wonder how to get that body back? If your answer yes, this Korean mom’s weight loss story will awe you.

Mother of two kids and a popular fitness and diet guru, Jung Da Yeon shares practical tips for losing weight quickly that all moms can follow.

Korean mom’s weight loss journey

Korean mum's weight loss

Korean mom’s weight loss journey will inspire you | Image: Instagram

The 46-year-old Ms. Jung is mom to two little ones. With a set of rock-hard abs and toned, firm legs to die for, she could easily pass for a 20-year-old.

Until 2003, Ms. Jung weighed 70 kilograms. But this South Korean mom’s weight loss strategy helped her lose 20 kilograms in three months. After losing weight successfully, she launched the momjjang hot body fad. Momjjang is the nickname with which she’s often referred to — Momjjang Ajumma — that means a mom with a striking figure.

Korean mom’s weight loss: How did she transform?

Korean mum's weight loss

Korean mom’s weight loss is an inspiring transformation for all. | Image: Instagram

Reports suggest that one fine day, in the year 2003, when Ms. Jung woke up she just took the decision to start acting towards getting a figure and achieving the weight that she desired.

After following a strict diet and exercise plan, she lost 20 kilograms in three months. Presently, her online profile says that she’s 162 centimetres tall and weighs 50 kilograms.

After this Korean mom’s weight loss story and publishing of her diet books, workout videos and pictures, she became a star. Reports say that she inspired many Korean women to push for their own fitness goals, and became a nationwide sensation. The trend is popularly known as the momjjang syndrome.

Korean mum's weight loss

Korean mom’s weight loss story makes her a nationwide sensation. | Image: Instagram

Jung Da Yeon also became popular in Japan in 2004 after her participation in a popular television show on NHK-TV. Apart from releasing her DVDs and books in Japan she also launched a Nintendo Wii game. This was called Mom-Chan Diet Wii: Figure-robics by Jung Da Yeon. Her second book, Momjjang Diet Premium sold 200,000 copies in Japan within two weeks of its publication as reported by a Korea Herald publication.

Korean mom’s weight loss: Tips from Jung Da Yeon

Korean mum's weight loss

Korean mom’s weight loss tips | Image: Instagram

This Korean mom’s weight loss strategy includes having several small meals instead of three meals.

In the book, Momjjang Diet Premium, Ms. Jung says: “Over the millions of years of human history, it was only 10,000 years ago that people began eating three square meals a day. Like animals living in the wild, we must eat often in order to stay slim.”

Korean mum's weight loss

Korean mom’s weight loss strategy includes smaller meals and figure-robics. | Image: Instagram

She has also shared the art of figure-robics in this book. Figure-robics is an exercise that she developed in 2005 for women. The focus is on light yet rigorous aerobic routines that concentrate on body parts like waist and hips and helps in getting that hourglass figure.

Now ladies, we understand that it’s simply not possible for many moms to have a rigid exercise and diet routine like this Korean mommy. We’re tired, we’re busy, we just don’t have the time. But at the same time, remember that starting small will lead to big results eventually.

So even if it’s just 20 minutes a day that you can dedicate to the gym, or even a brisk walk, start with that, and take it from there!


Source: Asia One

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