Imprisoned Krista Miller reveals that she's 5 months pregnant

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The single mom also left behind a 6-month old baby in the care of her parents after being arrested for illegal drug trade

While still detained for illegal drug trade, Krista Miller revealed that she is five months pregnant.

In an interview with GMA’s primetime news program, 24 Oras, Krista reassured viewers that her baby’s condition is “healthy”, based on a physical examination done by the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) crime laboratory.

She also revealed, in the same interview, that her recent arrest has caused her to leave a 6-month old child in the care of her parents.

“Although nandiyan yung parents ko to take care of him, pero iba pa rin yung… Wala na nga siyang daddy, di ba, ‘tapos wala pa yung mommy niya,” lamented the 26-year-old mom, who has currently been transferred to Valenzuela City Jail, where she is awaiting trial for her case on illegal drug trade. “Parang ang hirap.”

screengrab: 24 Oras Youtube

screengrab: 24 Oras Youtube

“Yung pagbabago na gagawin ko ngayon ‘di lang about sa’kin pero mas lalong para sa anak ko.”

She also confided in the news program that she wants to start anew for the sake of her kids.

“Sana bigyan ako ng pintuan ni Lord para makalabas dito. Ang hirap. Single mom na nga ako ‘tapos ganyan pa,” confided Krista. “Yung pagbabago na gagawin ko ngayon ‘di lang about sa’kin pero mas lalong para sa anak ko.”

screengrab: 24 Oras Youtube

screengrab: 24 Oras Youtube

Krista, whose real name is Kristalyn Engle, was arrested in a buy bust operation in Valenzuela City, according to an Inquirer report. She was arrested while with a companion named Aaron Medina. Reports says that Krista and Aaron allegedly sold shabu to undercover policemen.

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