Kylie Padilla shares, “Motherhood is just an ongoing array of life lessons.”

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The actress and new mom shared on Instagram that she is "experiencing motherhood at full blast nowadays" and that "Now there is no me. There is a family."

In an Instagram post, Kylie Padilla shares her experiences on how it really is like to be a full-time mom.

"I thought taking care of an infant was hard enough"

The mother-of-one recounted that since their house helper had to leave without notice, she was left with the full responsibility of taking care of their daughter.

She shared, "I thought taking care of an infant was hard enough. But to add cleaning, doing laundry and finding time for your partner is going to drive me to go insane."

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"There is something to learn here"

Even if Kylie is finding it difficult to be a full-time mom, she still appreciates the fact that while it's difficult, she's learning every day, and that she feels it's all worth the effort.

The actress also added, "Motherhood is just an ongoing array of life lessons."

Indeed, that's really what being a mom is all about. It's about knowing your responsibilities and doing your best not just for your baby, but also for your entire family as well.

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