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After four years of courtship, Kenneth and I agreed that it was about time that we took the plunge and tied the knot. After a short honeymoon period, we decided to start a family for we really felt ready to have a baby.

After four years of courtship, Kenneth and I agreed that it was about time that we took the plunge and tied the knot. After a short honeymoon period, we decided to start a family for we really felt ready to have a baby. I guess the stars above agreed with us, for within a month, I had a bun in the oven!

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The entire process of C-Section

First Trimester

With regards to emotions, my tear ducts were out of whack! I started to become very needy and I would get upset for the most trivial issues e.g. when I had to eat home-cooked meals, instead of getting some of my favourite hawker dishes!
My first trimester was an interesting experience. I had your typical textbook symptoms, fatigue, dozing off to sleep while watching TV, motion sickness, heartburn, bloatedness, food cravings, you name it! While my girl friends had warned me about it, and I had read extensively, seriously, nothing prepares you for pregnancy. It’s everything you imagined you would go through, multiplied by ten. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would start to dislike home-cooked meals! I constantly craved pizzas, and your local hawker fare like fried bee hoon, char siew bao, char siew rice and char siew noodles. I was perpetually hungry and that probably explains why I piled on 18 kg at the end of the 9 months!

Second and Third Trimester

Thankfully things got better from the 2nd trimester onwards. My cravings reduced and I wasn’t as weepy. In the 3rd trimester, we discussed various birth options with my gynea. I wanted to have a c-section as I had heard too many “horror” stories about childbirth and most importantly, I wanted the date to be fixed so as to be sure that my hubby would be around when the baby was born. My hubby’s job requires him to travel, so a scheduled c-section was definitely our best option. The gynea gave us a few dates and we picked 15 September as our baby’s birth date.

Labour day

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Nicholas chillin’

On the scheduled c-section day, I had to fast before the operation. I was really nervous about the c-section. I wasn’t sure what to expect as none of my close friends or colleagues has gone for a c-section. I was worried about the general anesthetic, the wound, the scar, and my baby.

At the hospital, we checked in at the counter and a customer service officer helped us with our luggage, informed us of the facilities and showed us to our ward. It was just like checking into a hotel!

We waited in the ward till it was time for the c-section. Then I was pushed into the operating theater. While waiting for my gynea, the anesthetist could tell that my nerves were in full force. She tried alleviate my fears by talking to me about the baby. She asked if I knew the gender of the baby and if I had thought of any names. I told her that it’s a baby boy and we would be naming him Nicholas.

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The Hans

Soon enough my Gynea joined us, and true to her words, my baby boy was delivered within 10 minutes. After the operation, I was pushed into the observation room. Then I was woken up by the anesthetist, I remembered her words clearly. She said “Angie, wake up. Nicholas is a beautiful baby.”

After I regained consciousness, I was pushed back to my ward. Kenneth and the rest of my family were waiting for me. My hubby was so eager to show me the first few photos of our firstborn, however I wasn’t feeling very well. I felt tremendous pain and discomfort. I had double vision and I was shivering (side effect from the GA). I cried which made things worse. It took around an hour before I started to feel better.

The moment I laid my eyes on him, I knew I was in love. Nicholas was simply breath taking. He had the most beautiful eyes, the cutest dimples and such a sharp nose. Looking at him, I conceded that all the pain was insignificant. Even if someone had told me that I would have to o through double the torture to have my Nicholas, I would gladly have said yes!

Daddy’s thoughts:

Next to finally meeting our handsome son, the best part was the C-section, as that meant that I was not subject to any form of ‘abuse’ (be it verbal or physical) which usually occurs in natural birth! Also it was great to have my baby in my arms in just ten minutes!

However, that being said, in no way am I encouraging a c-section. In our situation, it seemed like the most logical option since I wanted to be around for my baby’s birth. However, ultimately it was my wife’s decision, for she was the one who would be delivering our son. 🙂

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