5 Ways having a good sense of humor can help your marriage last

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Not only can it strengthen your bond, it can help you face life's challenges

As Filipinos we have this knack for finding the humor in everyday life. This deeply embedded part of our culture makes life’s challenges a bit easier by helping us see the good in every situation. This trait doesn’t go away once we get married and it can even be more important, especially when we embark on the challenging journey of building our own families.

In case you need more convincing, here are 5 ways cultivating a good sense of humor can be great for your marriage!

1. Humor lets you see the good in your partner

Remember: it’s important to laugh with and not at your partner. Appreciating their funny and silly side makes you fall in love with them all the more. According to an Evolution and Human Behavior study, men place high importance on getting their partners to laugh at their jokes, while women prioritize being funny as well as being perceived as funny.

2. Humor helps you weather the toughest situations

One characteristic of a healthy marriage is a couple’s ability to see the bright side–the humor–in even the toughest situations. They don’t take things too lightly but they don’t take them too seriously either. They know that wallowing in worry or despair won’t do them any good.

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3. Humor keeps you grounded

Learning to laugh at yourself pushes you not to take yourself too seriously. It keeps you humble and it helps you accepts what needs improvement with an open mind. Cultivating humor also keeps you from becoming too sensitive, helping you avoid inane arguments to focus on what really matters.

4. Humor helps you show your partner you care

Trying to get them to laugh or entertaining them when life gets tough or boring shows them you care about them. For instance, going out of your way to cheer them up when they’re having a bad day makes them feel how valued they are.

5. Humor helps you look forward to the future

Having a good sense of humor helps foster a positive attitude. In turn, it can inspire optimism despite life’s challenges. This trait is all the more important for couples as they face the struggles of marriage of parenting. It will help them see the joy in the journey and remind them not to let one day pass without laughter!

Have you laughed with your spouse today?

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