Are you leaving baby with the best care?

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Here’s how to show your little bun you love him even while you’re away. Presented by Huggies® Ultra

As much as we want to be close to our precious little ones 24/7, the truth is that there inevitably comes a point when we’ll have to leave them home.

This is especially true for working moms, who, after the blissfully exhausting maternity leave, have to – often reluctantly – rejoin the workforce. It’s like leaving a part of you at home: the most special, most precious part of you.

So how do you make sure you’re leaving baby with the best care possible even while you’re away the whole day?

Choose your childcare options carefully

This is the number one priority for moms who are planning to return to the workplace and should be carefully planned months before your first day back at the office. You may not realize it now, but it could make or break your ability to maintain successful work-life balance.

Are you looking to hire a stay-in caregiver or babysitter? And is this person trained to care for newborns? Do you have family coming over to help care for the baby and supervise his caregiver? Or are you bringing your newborn to your parents’ house?

If you plan to hire a babysitter you also have to consider having another person at home who’ll be in charge of the chores while you’re away. If a family member won’t be available to do this make sure a housekeeper is around to take care of chores like cooking and cleaning. This housekeeper can also be the babysitter’s reliever during bathroom breaks and when she needs to shower or eat. Making sure the babysitter’s not worrying about chores helps her focus all her attention on your child and having a reliever around makes sure your child’s closely supervised all the time.

Discuss your options with your partner and make sure that whoever is going to be in charge of caring for your child has enough newborn care experience and knowhow, as well as sufficient training from you.

Some of the questions you can consider when choosing the person who’ll care for your child include:

  • Does he/she genuinely like children and enjoy playing with and taking care of infants?
  • Is this person physically capable of living up to the demands of newborn care?
  • Does he/she have enough experience (and good recommendations from former employers) taking care of babies the same age as mine?
  • Does he/she handle stress well and can handle emergency situations?

Train your caregiver

Even though there will be an overlap in tasks, have your caregiver do a ‘practice run’ by shadowing you a week to a few days before you return to work. This will capture the overall care instructions along with the nuances of watching over your newborn.

Most caregivers will know how to change a diaper, bathe a baby, and prepare milk, but little details like exactly how warm your child likes his bathwater to be, which songs make him sleepy, and toys that stimulate him the most, are essential to ensuring his comfort while you’re not around.

On your caregiver’s first day, discuss the following:

  • Rules and expectations
  • Main tasks and daily schedule
  • Your baby’s personality, habits, and preferences
  • Specific instructions for feeding, bathing, and putting baby to sleep
  • Emergency SOPs and contact information
  • Make sure he/she knows where everything your baby needs

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