Little boy's hilarious explanation for mess: "Batman did it!"

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Two-year-old Noel Hopkins has quite the alibi for the mess his mother found in her bedroom: "Batman did it!"

Laura Hopkins, a mother from Inverness, Scotland is currently on the lookout for a 6'2", 210lb. man in a cape and cowl. He answers to "Batman" and, according to Hopkins' son, he was last seen scribbling on Mommy's bedroom mirror with expensive lipstick.

If you see him, please contact Ms. Hopkins, because he is in some serious trouble.

Okay, in all seriousness, it's quite apparent from Laura's now viral video that her two-year-old son, Noel, is to blame for the lipstick fiasco. Laura caught him red-handed, but that didn't stop the adorable tot from crafting a fantastic alibi.

Still having doubts about who could have committed this heinous crime?

Check out these ridiculously cute video highlights for evidence:

src= content/uploads/sites/11/2016/04/noel 1.jpg Little boys hilarious explanation for mess: Batman did it!

Here we see suspect number one, Noel, at the scene of the crime. Mom walked into her bedroom and caught him red-handed!

src= content/uploads/sites/11/2016/04/noel 2.jpg Little boys hilarious explanation for mess: Batman did it!

When questioning begins, he immediately plays it cool and declares his innocence. When mom asks if he did it, he calmly replies, "No."

src= content/uploads/sites/11/2016/04/noel 3.jpg Little boys hilarious explanation for mess: Batman did it!

Though he should've waited for his lawyer before answering any questions, Noel couldn't help but state his alibi. His mom asks who did it, if not him. It's simple, Mom..."Batman did it!"

We'll see how his alibi holds up in court as time passes, but for now, it's within Laura's interest to assume that little Noel did it.

Like any parent would, Laura had to discipline her son, but at least she was able to capture this hysterical video before the sentencing. Noel's pint-sized crime spree may have come to an end, but his hilarious antics will be immortalized through the internet forever! Hopefully, Noel learned his lesson about playing with Mom's makeup!

Want to see the hilarious and adorable video for yourself? Watch it below:


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