3 more lives lost in the wake of Pasig City fire

Three more lives have been lost in the aftermath of the fire that burned down a gas refilling station in Pasig City, bringing the total death count to 4.

Three more lives have been lost in the aftermath of the fire that burned down a gas refilling station in Pasig City, bringing the total death count to 4.

The other victims remain critical

Camilo Alcaraz Jr., 18, Romeo Eugenio, 28, and Jectopher Caoili, 21, have passed away after succumbing to the third-degree burns that they received in the fire.

According to investigation, the fire was caused by a gas leak from a nearby LPG refilling station. The fire then spread throughout the nearby buildings.

The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) said that the fire started past midnight, but they were only informed about the blaze past 1 a.m. as the staff of the refilling station tried to contain it themselves.

Senior Superintendent Wilberto Kwan-Tiu, District Director of BFP-Pasig, relates, "Alam naman kasi natin ang LPG pag sumingaw, mas heavier than air so mas bumababa, so may initial na silang operations, nagku-cooling na siguro para siguro ma-dispense yung nagli-leak na LPG."

Five other victims who suffered third-degree burns currently remain in critical condition.

Do you know how to handle burn injuries?

Accidents can't always be avoided. That's why parents have to know some basic first aid information so that in case an unfortunate incident happens at home, such as a burn, they can take control of the situation and prevent further injury. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Assess the injury if it's a first, second, or third-degree burn. First-degree burns are primarily superficial, and affect the top layer of the skin. Second-degree burns are somewhat worse, and affect 2 layers of skin. Third-degree burns are more critical, and require immediate assistance by a medical professional.
  • For all burns, make sure to stop the burning as soon as possible. This means removing any burning material, hot or burned clothing, and putting out any flames. It's also best to remove any clothing that can constrict blood flow as these can cause swelling.
  • For first-degree burns, cool the affected area first using cold running water, cover with a clean and non-adhesive bandage or cloth, and give pain medication as needed. If you see any signs of infection such as fever, swelling, redness, or oozing, then it's best to consult a doctor for treatment.
  • For second-degree burns, cool the affected area with cold running water, or soaking it in cold water. Make sure not to apply ice as it can aggravate the injury. Cover the injury loosely with sterile gauze. It's also best to take it to a doctor so that they can assess the injury better.
  • For third-degree burns, DON'T soak it in water. Apply a loose sterile gauze to the affected area, and immediately take the person to a doctor since third-degree burns are very severe, and should not be treated at home.

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