Top celebrity stylist Liz Uy shares her style secrets for moms on the go

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Top stylist and fashion journalist Liz Uy shares her top tips for moms who love to be comfortable but still stylish!

She’s dressed the likes of Dawn Zulueta, Marian Rivera, Toni Gonzaga, and Kris Aquino and she’s undeniably the one of the most successful stylists and fashion journalists in the country but Liz Uy prefers to stick to the basics.

We caught up with her to find out how she would style moms using things already found in their closets!

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“It depends on her style first,” she told theAsianparent at Uniqlo’s jogger pants launch when asked how she would style a mom. “I want them to know their body type so that they can dress accordingly. Appropriate dressing—-they have to know where they’re going.”

“For moms, they can do joggers, a button down long sleeved shirt, and flats or sneakers,” says Liz. “Moms are always on the go.”

photo courtesy of Uniqlo Philippines

photo courtesy of Uniqlo Philippines

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When asked how she would dress up simple joggers, she replied: “It depends. But let’s say they’re going somewhere cold, they can just add a cardigan.”

She also recommends throwing on an oversized coat when traveling.

photo courtesy of Uniqlo Philippines

photo courtesy of Uniqlo Philippines

She placed emphasis on keeping one’s style minimal. “Then they can layer or vice-versa, they can just remove, remove, remove. I also like the idea of using inner wear as outer wear.”

photo courtesy of Uniqlo Philippines

photo courtesy of Uniqlo Philippines

“I love silk button downs; I feel like it’s very chic. Any mom can wear it and it will be flattering. My fave colors right now are maroon and olive.” she gushed, reassuring moms that no matter what their body type is, knowing what works for their shape while keeping it simple is key.

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