Long-lost sisters reunited after a miraculous coincidence

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After years apart, these two sisters have been reunited after one miraculous coincidence! Full story here!

In case you were unaware that sisters have a unique bond with each other…let the story of Aubrey and Avery Lumpkins be the perfect example.

Aubrey and Avery lived with each other in a Chinese Orphanage until they were 9-years-old. Around this time, Aubrey was adopted by an American family living in Kentucky. She left the orphanage behind, along with Avery; however, what’s interesting about it all: the two girls had no idea that they were ever related!

Recently, Lisa Lumpkins, Aubrey’s adoptive mother, in what can only be regarded as a miraculous coincidence, found herself perusing through Facebook. It was then that she stumbled upon a picture of Avery and noticed the striking resemblance between the two girls. Lisa’s curiosity got the best of her, and she contacted the orphanage and sought out a DNA test to find out if the two girls were related. As you’ve probably gathered by now: they are!

Just last week, The Lumpkins family finalized the adoption papers, flew Avery to the United States, and reunited the two sisters!


(Source: Inside Edition)

“I was speechless. I was like, ‘Wow! She looks just like my daughter,'” Lumpkins told InsideEdition.com in a previous interview.

“They’re loving being together,” Lumpkins said. “They remembered being [at the orphanage in China] together, but they had no clue they were sisters.”

While the two have had the chance to grow closer in their household, they aren’t the only children. As a matter of fact, the Lumpkins’ are proud parents of four other adopted children and two biological kids. While Avery has been blending into her new family rather well, Lisa Lumpkins clams the special bond between Aubrey and Avery is evident.

“She’s so protective,” Lumpkins said about Avery, whom she suspects is Aubrey’s twin.

Obviously, a sister being protective isn’t news to anyone; however the two sisters suffer from cerebral palsy, but Lumpkins claims Aubrey has more trouble walking. Hence Avery’s protective tendencies.

“Aubrey likes being really independent,” Lisa said in her interview. But when Aubrey approached a set of steps, Lumpkins said she watched Avery instinctively stick her arm out, and offer her support. “She knows Aubrey won’t ask for help, but she was afraid Aubrey was going to fall.”

The two clearly have a unique, special, and absolutely beautiful bond that will only grow stronger over time!

Now 13-years-old, Aubrey and Avery are –as Lisa Lumpkins claims–picking up right where they left off. In fact, they’re closer than ever! The only thing that was needed to being these two sisters together after years apart was a miraculous discovery, and a loving parent!

If you’re interested in learning more about these sisters’ miraculous story, visit page two to watch the full news story!

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