LOOK: Karel Marquez dreamy and fun prenup shoots

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Check out the swoonworthy photos from Karel Marquez and Sean Fariñas' Bohemian-Inspired and Hong Kong prenuptial shoots, here!

After wowing social media with her unique and moving prenup video, actress/singer Karel Marquez is yet again giving brides-to-be pre-wedding goals with her back-to-back prenuptial shoots.

K A R E L | More on www.mangoRED.com | Gown + Styling @rabbitholecreatives | Hair + Makeup @mariahsantos23 | Coordination @chinkieuy

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The styling of her Bohemian-Inspired shoot was done by Rabbit Hole Creatives.

“Whether one had the sweetest proposal, coolest engagement parties, most beautiful gown, and grandest wedding, taking care of your marriage should be your number one priority. The wedding is just one single day,” wrote Karel in an Instagram post. “You and your partner agreed to be as one, a love where there is learning, growing, strengthening and no matter what, you will always work TOGETHER ESPECIALLY through the lowest of lows, side by side. RESPECT each other.”

I closed my eyes and kissed you in a thousand silent ways. ⚡️ #FinallyFariñas

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“You must keep each other happy, even if your partner is NOT around, you know what I mean by that? This is so important,” she urged her Instagram followers. “It is a promise to be together, even in times of drought. Without Him, the marriage will collapse. With Him, it makes your marriage whole, it makes you love each other more and more each day. Here is something my fiancé and I learned last night: “It is not I but we, not us but God.”

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