LOOK: Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano's Baby Seve's First Photos

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Get ready to Awww over these first few photos of Toni and Paul's firstborn, baby Seve!

It's been over a week since actress Toni Gonzaga and husband Paul Soriano welcomed their baby boy Severiano Elliott.

They immediately created a private Instagram account, which they later turned public.

Currently, Baby Seve has 56,600 followers---and counting!

To celebrate, let's take a look back on some of his most adorable photos--so far!

The first post on Baby Seve's Instagram account was this precious shot of him in his dad Paul's arms.In the caption, his mom Toni is credited as the one who took the photo.

with my dad @paulsoriano1017 photo by mom @celestinegonzaga

A photo posted by Severiano Elliott (@severianoelliott) on

In the same account, Paul and Toni also shared the warm welcome their little one received from family and friends!

Thank you for all your warm welcome. I feel so loved.❤️ -Seve

A photo posted by Severiano Elliott (@severianoelliott) on

Most recently, their fans and followers were treated to their first family photo!

my first family photo, I love my mommy and daddy #daddyPaul #mommyTin

A photo posted by Severiano Elliott (@severianoelliott) on

More photos of Baby Seve on the next page!

Proud tita Alex Gonzaga shared this adorable photo of her nephew! "No bias but for me Baby Seve is the cutest baby in the world!!!" exclaimed the actress/comedienne on Instagram. "Sa wakas at nairi ka na ni inang ate."

Paul's brothers, Phil, Parker, and Patrick, were thrilled to finally be uncles!

with my uncle Phil @phil81293 Tito Parker @plsoriano and Tito Patrick @instapattypat #napTime

A photo posted by Severiano Elliott (@severianoelliott) on

Toni shared this adorable father-son moment where Paul is trying to get his little one to burp after feeding. Too precious for words!

Buuuuurpp???????? @paulsoriano1017 @severianoelliott

A photo posted by Toni Gonzaga-Soriano (@celestinegonzaga) on

Baby Seve was born on September 30, 2016 at 5:23 a.m.

We can't wait to witness more milestones in Baby Seve's life!

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