Taxi driver reunites with lost daughter after 24 years!

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It's an amazing story, moms and dads...

Losing your child in public is agonising, a slow death almost. It’s living each day not knowing if your child is okay or not. It’s going through every hour consumed by fear and anxiety — Is she getting enough to eat? What does she look like now? Is she hurt? Scared?

Over 20 years ago, when one devoted father — Wang Mingqing — lost his little girl in a busy market, he made up his mind that he would do anything to get his girl back some day. And his determination and love for his daughter paid off. Just a few days ago, Wang was reunited with his girl, 24 years since she went missing! 

Here’s the incredible story of Wang Mingqing’s quest to find his beloved daughter, and how he overcame all odds to be reunited with her.

The day the nightmare of losing your child in public became real for one dad…

losing your child in public

Losing your child in public can be a traumatic experience for parents. | Screencapped from Medium

Wang Mingqing shares that he was hawking fruit with his wife on a street of Chengdu on that fateful day in 1994. The couple was busy handling a large crowd of customers. And that’s when their daughter vanished.

Distressed, Wang tried everything in his capacity to find his little love. He went to the police and placed missing person signs on the streets. He also searched shelters for kids and hospitals in the city. But all his efforts were in vain.

Wang became a taxi driver to widen his search for his daughter

losing your child in public

Losing your child in public: Wang with the information cards he shared | Screencapped from Medium

In 2015, Wang decided to become a driver for Didi Chuxing, a ride-hailing giant. He believed that being a taxi driver would improve his chances of finding his lost daughter. He shared an information card about his lost daughter with every passenger he drove. And he requested them to share information about his search on WeChat.

Unfortunately, Wang did not have a photo of his lost daughter. But he used a picture of his other daughter on the leaflets. And then he would explain to everyone he handed out a card to that the two sisters looked very similar.

Many young women reached out to Wang after his story went viral. But the DNA tests ruled out every one.

Losing your child in public: a breakthrough

A police sketch artist was moved by Wang’s story. He created a sketch of what Wang’s daughter might look like today. The sketch was widely shared on social media.

losing your child in public

Losing your child in public: Kang with the sketch created by the police sketch artist | Screencapped from Medium

The image eventually reached Kang Ying, a 27-year-old mom who lived in Panshi, over 3,000 kilometres from Chengdu. Kang couldn’t overlook the similarity between herself and the sketch, so she contacted Wang. When the DNA test was done, their genetic material matched.

After a tireless search of over 20 years, Wang had managed to find his little one.

Kang’s story

Kang’s adoptive family had found her on the streets of Chengdu as a child. She grew up in Sichuan town barely 20 kilometres away from her real parents.

When Kang finally found her real family, she decided to fly down to Chengdu.

losing your child in public:

Losing your child in public: Kang flies down to Chengdu | Image: Screencapped from YouTube

Kang shared with the media: “The whole world said that I don’t have a mother, but I do have one!”

Take a look at this heartwarming video of the reunion:

When with your child in a public place…

Of the many things this story teaches us, perhaps the one that stands out the most is how easy losing your child in a public place is. In just a split second, a curious child can be drawn away, or led away from you.

So, when you are at a crowded place with your little one, do keep these tips in mind.

  • Make an identity card or badge for your child and ensure that they wear it every time you are in a crowded place. Include details like your name, your child’s name. Also include your phone number and address so that if your child is lost, someone can find you.
  • Ensure that you hold your child’s hand at all times. Keep them within your sight. Also teach your kids not to leave your side in crowded places.
  • Teach your child basic things like your complete name, your phone number and your house address. So even if they get lost, they can share this information with other adults they meet.
  • If you are in a busy mall with your child, show them a “meeting spot” at the outset. If they do get separated from you, they will know where to go. This could be the lobby of the mall, or even a shop your child is familiar with.


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