2-Year-Old Luna Agoncillo is just the cutest ever!

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Luna Agoncillo, Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo's youngest daughter is most definitely the cutest 2-year-old you've ever seen!

Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo's two-year-old daughter Luna Agoncillo is definitely one of the cutest celebrity kids that you'll see on Instagram!

Could baby Luna Agoncillo become an artista like her parents?

She might only be two years old, but the youngest child in the Agoncillo family definitely has the spunk and charm that's worthy of an actor!

We won't be surprised if we see more of baby Luna on TV in the future.

Just check out this quirky video that Judy Ann uploaded:

Here's another super cute photo of baby Luna wearing her dad's glasses!

Just look at that super cute face! She's definitely going to be a talented actress someday when she grows up!

Source: PEP

Photos from: Instagram

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