What should you do if your maid doesn’t come back from holiday?

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We've all heard the story before, a maid goes on holiday for a few days, promising that she will come back. Then all of a sudden, she's nowhere to be found.

We've all heard the story before, a maid goes on holiday for a few days, promising that she will come back. Then when the day comes that she should be back, she's nowhere to be found. What's the best plan of action if your maid doesn't come back?

If this happens to you, the first thing would be to contact the agency where you got the maid. If it's a reputable agency, then they should be able to help you by finding a replacement or assist you in looking for your missing maid.

If in case that you eventually find your maid and they apologize and asked if they could come back, it's up to you to decide on whether you want them  back. One one hand, they might have had a valid reason as to why they suddenly left and didn't say a thing, there could have been an emergency, etc. On the other hand, they've betrayed your trust, and it's hard to have someone in your house taking care of your household that you can't trust 100%.

You can actually file a police report if your maid doesn't come back. It's basically to ensure that if your maid ran away without telling anyone and her relatives come to you looking for her, you have a police report to back up your claims.

This is also where having a contract comes in handy. It should be stated in the terms of the contract that you can terminate their employment if they suddenly run away without telling you. Having a maid is just like having an employee, if they don't show up to work, then you have the capacity to terminate their contract since what they did is a clear breach of the contract.

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