Should you let your maid sleep with your baby throughout the night?

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When the time comes to put the baby to sleep, should you let your baby's nanny sleep with your baby, or should you do it yourself?

Having a maid or a nanny take care of your baby is a great idea, especially for new parents. However, when the time comes to put the baby to sleep, should you let your baby's nanny sleep with your baby, or should you do it yourself?

The main thing to consider when you're faced with this dilemma would be to ask yourself if you trust your maid enough to handle all the late night feedings, and crying that will inevitably happen throughout the night. Not only that, but you also have to consider your maid's well-being; it would be difficult for her to do the housework in the morning if she didn't have a good night's rest.

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What should you do?

Generally speaking, if you're relying on your maid or nanny to handle both taking care of your baby as well as the housework during the day, it's best if you're the one to handle the responsibility of taking care of your baby while he or she sleeps at night. You'll have many sleepless nights, and you might always feel tired, but the good thing here is that your baby will have a closer bond with you since you will be acting as the primary caregiver, and your nanny will have enough rest at night.

It can also depend on your work hours. If your job requires you to work late at night, or if you work during the graveyard shift, then you won't really have a choice when it comes to letting your maid sleep with your baby. But the main thing that you have to consider would be getting a maid that you can trust completely, or look for someone that has been recommended by your friends or relatives to keep your mind at ease.

Lastly, the decision would really be up to you. Some parents have had good experiences with reliable and trustworthy nannies that took care of their employer's children like their own, while some have had negative experiences with nannies or maids in general. At the end of the day, it all boils down to whether you think a nanny can handle taking care of you child while the sleep.


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