5 Ways to make your wife feel beautiful despite her weight gain

5 Ways to make your wife feel beautiful despite her weight gain

Is your wife struggling with body image issues because she gained weight? Here's how to boost her confidence and make her feel truly beautiful!

Your wife is beautiful and sexy, so why doesn’t she seem to believe it? She might be struggling with body image and self-esteem issues as a result of recent weight gain. Be patient as she tries to embrace her new curvy physique.

Here are some ways you can make her believe that she’s sexy and beautiful at any shape!

1. Make her feel desired

She’s still the same person you fell in love with; the same woman you’re attracted to. Let her catch you looking at her or smile at her constantly. Reassure her that her dress size doesn’t matter because she’s gorgeous and desirable at any size!

2. Acknowledge her feelings as valid

Be patient when she’s not so quick to accept your compliments. Know that her body image issues and self-esteem struggles are valid. Don’t brush them off. Let her know you’re there to listen. Be consistent and understanding.

5 Ways to make your wife feel beautiful despite her weight gain

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3. Compliment her in public (and in private)

Be generous with your praise in front of family, friends, and co-workers. Pick out her most desirable traits–they don’t have to be physical–and celebrate that. Show her you’re truly proud to be her husband. Constantly showing her off might not will slowly build her self-esteem. Remind her that just because she’s gained weight doesn’t mean she’s unhealthy or that something is wrong with her.

4. Initiate intimacy

Being the first to touch or kiss her and to initiate sex or other forms of intimacy reassures her that your desire for her hasn’t faded. Do this often, but be understanding when she declines. She’s still sorting through body issues. Just be consistent and your persistence will help restore her confidence!

5. Shower her with love and attention

Pamper her and give her surprise gifts often! This reminds her just how valuable and appreciated she is. Up the romance by wooing her all over again. Go back to the time when you were creative with gestures to win her over.

Above all, be there for her. Reassure her that you’re not going anywhere and your desire for her is just as strong as the day you first fell in love with her.

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