6 Ways to make your wife feel beautiful throughout her pregnancy!

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Is your wife battling feelings of insecurity during pregnancy? Here's how you can help her truly feel beautiful!

Pregnancy is a wondrous time, but its many changes can make your beloved wife feel emotional, and at times, unattractive.

Reassuring her that she's wanted and truly beautiful is one remarkable way to help her have a happy and healthy pregnancy journey!

Here's how you can do this, dads-to-be!

1. Compliment her

Show her you appreciate her in a genuine and loving way. Is she feeling self-conscious about her weight gain? Help her refocus on things that would make her feel it's worth it. Tell her how proud you are of her for making sure your baby is growing healthy by eating right and staying active.

Praise her in private, but also in front of others: this will surely build her self-esteem.

2. Pamper her

To make your wife feel gorgeous despite the many bodily changes, you must make her feel like a queen! Offer to take her shopping or treat her to a luxurious spa massage. Do what it takes to shower her with love and affection. You know her best!

3. Take her out on dates

Nothing beats spending time with her to reassure her that she's not alone in her pregnancy journey. Go for a picnic or simply take her out to a movie. Keeping her entertained can help get her mind off of whatever loneliness, anxiety, or stress she might be feeling. Plus, fun is good for your baby!

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4. Let her sleep

Have you ever heard the saying that goes "if you love someone, let them sleep"? This isn't more true than for pregnant women. Having a growing baby inside you can make a woman feel listless and exhausted. Allow her to rest, in order for her to feel refreshed and truly beautiful!

5. Help around the house

Take on the chores you normally wouldn't! Make life as easy for her as you can. Often, feeling stressed and burdened can make your wife feel like she doesn't have time to care for herself. Don't allow this to happen by relieving her of certain household duties.

6. Be patient with her

Above all, be caring and understanding. Your wife is going through a lot. She is dealing with overwhelming feelings that she can't always tell you about. Genuinely listen with her, without pressuring her to open up. Make her feel that you only have eyes for her! This will truly make her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

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