LOOK: Makeup artist transforms her 80-year-old grandma into 'glam-ma'

LOOK: Makeup artist transforms her 80-year-old grandma into 'glam-ma'

An 80-year-old grandmother is wowing beauty junkies all over the world with her stunning makeup transformation

Tea Flego, 32, is a professional makeup artist who used her skills to turn her beloved grandma into ‘glam-ma’.

The glamorous makeover has made 80-year-old Livia an internet sensation as well as a new beauty icon.

The Croatia-based makeup artist told today that it takes about 45 minutes in her makeup chair to complete the transformation.

After Tea posted photos of her grandmother Livia, comments started flooding in. They shared the same reactions, agreeing that “She’s so beautiful!”

glam ma 3

photo: Tea Flego instagram

Tea gave TODAY a sneak peek into her process: she starts out with a base to smooth out the skin to blur her wrinkles; then, she applies false eyelashes, draws on eyebrows and the rest is improvisation.

Though blurring wrinkles is her favorite part, Livia, who is currently living in a nursing home in Split, Croatia, isn’t ashamed of them. In fact, she embraces her lines, along with being the star of her talented grandaughter’s projects.

With her long lashes, high cheekbones, and pouty lips, it’s hard to believe that the woman in the before and after photos are one and the same.

And, the glamorous grandmother seems to share this incredulity.

“Every time she looks at herself after makeup she says, ‘Holy crap!'” Tea revealed to TODAY. “She is enjoying her fame.”

glam ma feat

photo: Tea Flego instagram

But Tea shares Livia still can’t believe it when she’s told where her photos have been published.

Tea Flego owns a makeup studio and Croatia and her resume boasts gigs in the music and film industry.

This isn’t the first time that she used her grandmother as a model. As a little girl, when she was starting to experiment with makeup, she would use her grandmother’s face as a canvas.

“I’ve done makeup for her many times but never recorded it,” she shared.

glamma 3

photo: Tea Flego instagram

Livia’s five children, 12 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchldren are all so proud of their kind and friendly “glam-ma”.

“She’s become a mascot in the nursing home — her friends call her a star,” added Tea.

We couldn’t agree more.

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