Old makeup you refuse to throw out may be making you sick

Old makeup you refuse to throw out may be making you sick

Listen up, moms. Sometimes being frugal can pose serious risks. More on that here

Just can’t bring yourself to throw out that old expensive tube of lipstick or pricey bottle of mascara you bought over a year ago? A recent survey may make you think again.

The survey found that one in five women were “makeup hoarders” who kept their makeup well past their expiration date. This puts them at risk for various diseases which vary in severity from urine infections to meningitis.

The survey, which involved 5,000 U.K.-based moms, found that 20% of the women surveyed still kept some makeup they purchased more than five years ago. They also admitted that they usually kept cleansers for a year even if it expires in six months.

25% of the surveyed moms revealed that they kept their mascara for a year even though it should only be kept for three months.

photo: Pexels

photo: Pexels

According the the U.S. Food and Drug administration, mascara should be replaced after three months to avoid accumulation of bacteria. Mascara is prone to become a breeding ground for bacteria because water or saliva is often used to moisten it.

Hoarding makeup can cause serious illnesses. More on that on the next page…

A recent study by the London Metropolitan University studied five beauty products from popular brands. These samples were near or past their expiration dates. All tested positive for the bacteria which causes meningitis, also known as Enterococcus faecalis.

But this lethal bacteria wasn’t the only thing they found. They also detected traces of bacteria on the expired makeup which could cause gastroenteritis, wound infections, acne, skin conditions, and urinary infections.

photo: Pexels

Eye makeup has a shorter shelf-life than other cosmetics (photo: Pexels)

Though the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. does not require expiration dates on cosmetics, they confirm that eye products have a shorter shelf life compared to other cosmetics.

Organic or all-natural cosmetics may also have an earlier expiration date.

Makeup that has been subjected to high temperatures may expire well before their due date.

Sharing makeup also increases the risk of contamination so it’s best to use a fresh cotton applicator when trying on or sharing makeup.

It’s also very important to properly clean and maintain your makeup brushes. Learn how to do so in the video below.

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