10 Signs that show your husband is still happy in your marriage

Do you want to know for sure if your husband is still happy in your marriage? Here are some signs to look for!

Your husband is a good provider. He's not afraid to show he cares. He listen to you and constantly shows his concern. But do you ever wonder if he's truly happy in marriage?

Here are some signs that can help reassure you that you're still connected and that you're well on your way to forever.

1. He feels valued and appreciated

A man who is happily married is secure in the knowledge that he's not being taken for granted. Research has shown that husbands in a happy marriage shared how their wives' appreciation plays a huge role in their satisfaction.

2. He is confident he can talk without being judged

He opens up and communicates, fully knowing that he won't be met with criticism or judgement. This shows that there is trust, an important part of staying happily married.

3. He knows that you'll keep him in check

In the same way, he is confident that you won't tolerate his bad behavior. He knows you'll be honest and secure in your relationship enough to call him out when needed. Being happy in marriage doesn't mean he expects each day to be perfect, but he knows he's got a partner who's got his back.

4. He values being needed but respects your independence

Though he loves it when you ask for his help, he also appreciates your independence. He trusts your opinion and is secure in the knowledge that you'll be there to help him through hard times.

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5. He feels desired and shows he desires you

Even during the lulls in intimacy, he still remains affectionate. He knows you remain attracted to him even during the times when you just don't feel like turning up the romance.

6.He's confident he's a priority in your life

Despite all of you responsibilities, he knows he's still one of your top priorities. In turn, a happy hubby shows how much he prioritizes you, too, by making time to listen and woo you like you're newlyweds.

7.  He doesn't hold grudges

When you argue, he doesn't dredge up past fights and mistakes. He also trusts you not to bring up the past, knowing that whatever conflict can be resolved it in a healthy way.

8. He feels respected, valued, never humiliated

A happy and satisfied hubby knows that his wife respects him and will never intentionally embarrass him. Most men value pride and integrity and when he knows that this is honored by his partner, he remains satisfied.

9. He appreciates how you care for his side of the family

When there is peace and closeness between you and his relatives, he will experience contentment in marriage. Strive for closer relationships with your in-laws in order to stay happy in your relationship.

10. He shows his gratitude and appreciation and unexpected ways

Love is in the little details. A happy husband has a habit of thanking you for the little things, like doing chores and listening to him when he's had a hard day. He also makes an effort to make your life easier, by offering to help you with errands or pampering you by allowing you to have much needed me-time!

What other signs would you add to this list, moms? Let us know in the comments below!

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