Man tries to film inside woman's skirt on Singapore MRT, gets beaten at his own game!

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Man films woman on Singapore MRT, only to get a dose of his own medicine! Check out how this brave lady dealt with a pervert...

No matter how 'safe' Singapore is for women, there is still no shortage of perverts and creeps, who are now armed with smartphones as weapons.

This Singapore woman had a harrowing experience recently, when she caught a man filming her on an MRT. Only, she refused to play the victim. Check out how she turned the tables, and made sure that the culprit got taught a lesson!

Man films woman on Singapore MRT

Singaporean Uma Mageswari revealed the incident in a recent Facebook post, "I was heading towards Harbourfront to meet a friend. This guy quickly plonked himself on the seat opposite mine though it wasn't as if the train was crowded and he had to race to get a seat."

The man then whipped out his phone and started filming Uma, pretending he was up to regular web surfing. Only he was blissfully unaware that his actions were being "reflected" on the glass behind!

Writes Uma, "The dumbass didn't realise his folly obviously. I made my own recording of him but understandably lost my temper afterwards when confronting him over his actions."

Now that she had proof, this brave lady alerted the Singapore Police Force and MRT staff, who arrived on the scene within minutes. They later found out that the culprit had with him several other videos of unsuspecting victims, some obscene.

Apparently, in his defense, the man could only utter a lame, "You are like my sister" excuse!

Thank you, Uma, for putting this incident out there for the whole of Singapore to see. Uma hopes that by doing so, she has deterred other creeps from taking advantage of women. She also advises other women, "Please always remain aware of your surroundings and never be afraid to speak out against such acts that may be committed against you or others around you."

"You don't have to be a victim of your circumstances. Ever."

According to AsiaOne, police have issued a statement which says, "The police has classified the case as intentionally causing alarm under the Protection from Harassment Act. Investigations are ongoing."

Meanwhile, check out how the culprit got a taste of his own medicine, in the video below:

Are upskirt videos and voyeuristic photography a growing menace in Singapore and elsewhere? Aren't our young daughters vulnerable to being preyed on as well?

Quite shockingly, many netizens have posted comments on Uma's page blaming the culprit's race, and her dress and beauty, as reasons for the "unwanted attention". We however feel that, that's just diverting away from the real issue of phone voyeurism.

What do you think, readers? Perhaps, there needs to be more laws protecting women against this intrusion of privacy? Do let us know what you think!


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