A man and his son forced to live at Jollibee store because of wife’s gambling

The man and his child were noticed by a concerned netizen who then found out that they had been living outside a Jollibee branch for over 6 months.

Netizen Jerrico Punzalan Ocampo shares his experience after he discovered that a father and his son were forced to live at a Jollibee store after the man's wife lost all of their money after being addicted to gambling and other vices.

He noticed that the pair was always in that store

On his Facebook post, Ocampo shares that he went to Spark Place in Cubao to browse the internet on his phone. While he was there, he noticed a father and his son who were sleeping right outside the Jollibee store. He paid it no mind at first, since he thought that maybe they were just waiting for someone since they had bags with them.

The next day, he came back to the same branch, and he was surprised to see that the father and son were still in that branch, and the child's father was fanning his baby boy. Concerned for the two, he ordered them a meal, and asked the staff to give it to them, since he was too shy to do it himself.

On the third day, he once again saw that the pair was still in the same Jollibee branch, and that's when he decided to finally approach them and ask them about their story.

His wife left them

He learned that the man's name was Daniel Amin, and his child's name was Charles. Daniel shared that before, he used to sell barbecue as his main source of income, and that business provided for his family's needs. However, his wife eventually got addicted to gambling and vices, and spent all of their money, including their savings on gambling.

Soon after, his wife left him and their child, and without any money to pay for rent, they were kicked out of the home that they were living in. Daniel said that he tried to reach out to his family, but they denied him, saying that he deserves it for marrying his wife, who eventually left them with nothing.

And for 6 months, Daniel and his son Charles, who will be turning 2 this September, have been living outside the Jollibee branch, since they have nowhere else to go. They're very thankful for the fact that the branch is allowing them to stay outside, so that they have a place to stay.

Jerrico is now reaching out to netizens who might be interested in helping out Daniel and Charles, so that they can get back on their feet.

Read his post below:

Source: facebook.com

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