Marian Rivera is a proud breastfeeding advocate!

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One of the ways new mom Marian Rivera prepared for the arrival of Baby Zia, was to attend breastfeeding workshops. Learn more about her experience here.

More than a month before she gave birth to Baby Zia, Marian Rivera attended a breastfeeding class at The Parenting Emporium.

Marian said in her post, "Dahil sa session natin, lumawak lalo ang kaalaman ko sa mga tama, at dapat kong gawin sa anak kong paparating. I am so thankful and blessed na nakilala ko kayo pareho. Sobrang salamat sa araw na ito. Sobrang empowering."

Yes she's a star (who doesn't know that?!). But after spending time with @therealmarian and her hubby Dong, we know that all the spotlight will be on their baby, who they will savor in the comforts of their home and in the privacy of their room. ❤️ They deserve to bask in the joy of being a family. ???? @joyzrnmsnclcibclc, you have generously shared your knowledge and once again inspired parents. For Marian, breastfeeding is the only choice and you were there to enrich her knowledge, provide tips and practical solutions. Marian and @dongdantes , the warmth that we witnessed in your presence will surely resonate with the family you have created. @liamanalac, thank you for making this day happen. You are one staunch supporter of families. ❤️ To all the members of our community, we hope to continue #growingwithyouasparents! ???? Thank you for all your support to #theparentingemporium! #becauseparentingisalegacy ???????? A photo posted by The Parenting Emporium (@theparentingemporium) on

In the photo with Marian is (left) Beng Feliciano and (right) lactation consultant Joyce Zaragoza. Beng is the co-founder of The Parenting Emporium, along with Maricel Cua, who is a proud member of theAsianparent Philippines' Parent Advisory Board.

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