Mariel Rodriguez suffers miscarriage and loses triplets

Mariel Rodriguez suffers miscarriage and loses triplets

On March 14, 2015, Mariel lost her first baby to a miscarriage. On August 12, 2015, Mariel once again suffered a miscarriage, forcing her to say good-bye to her triplets.

In March 2015, TV host and actress Mariel Rodriguez uploaded several Instagram posts announcing that her first baby with husband Robin Padilla had unfortunately stopped developing at less than 6 weeks. Nicknamed "Cutie Pie," the baby's due date was estimated to be October 19, 2015.

Several months later, Mariel and Robin once again announced her pregnancy and shared that they were expecting triplets. Robin, who was slated to act in a horror movie with Japanese actress Maria Ozawa, withdrew from the project stating that he wanted to take care of his wife during her delicate pregnancy.

On August 13, 2015, Robin uploaded a video of Mariel during an OB-GYN visit wherein the expectant mother received heartbreaking news that she had once again suffered a miscarriage. In the video, the OB-GYN can be heard explaining to Mariel that the babies had stopped developing and that they were instead getting smaller. The video then cuts to a devastated looking Mariel before ending.

The miscarriage was also confirmed by Robin Padilla's manager, Betchay Vidanes, who announced, “It is with such a heavy heart that we are informing you that Ms. Mariel has suffered a miscarriage on August 12, 2015 at 6:30pm and the couple have lost the triplet pregnancy. On behalf of the couple we would like to ask for your prayers and utmost consideration for the couple’s privacy and comfort." No update has been made regarding Mariel's current condition.

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When an expectant mother miscarries, no one really knows how she feels except herself and other women who may have experienced something similar.

Miscarriages happen for different reasons and at different times, but the pain of the aftermath is always the same. For a woman who was excited about her baby and had even come up with a name, losing that precious life within her can be devastating and depressing.

Aided with time, a woman robbed of the opportunity of being a mother can heal herself and eventually get over a miscarriage.

It's not your fault

Women who go through a miscarriage often blame themselves. If you suffered from a miscarriage, do not berate yourself. Miscarriages happen primarily because of problems with the chromosome make up, and not because you forgot to take your pre-natal vitamins or because you aren’t eating healthy.

It may be really hard to do at this point, but forgive yourself and accept what happened.

Understand why the miscarriage happened

Instead of staying in bed all day and recalling how it felt when you miscarried, focus your energy on finding out why it happened. Visit your doctor and have her explain to you the causes on why you miscarried.

She may have already told you what had happened but now that your mind is clearer, you can truly understand everything with an open mind.

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Get over a miscarriage together

Even if it was you who had physically lost a child, your spouse also lost his, albeit emotionally, so don’t shut him out. Instead, heal together.

Take some time off from work and just go somewhere where you can both relax, enjoy and just contemplate on what had happened. Grieving together actually helps move the healing process faster.

get over a miscarriage Getting over a miscarriage is not easy but can be done with the support of friends and family.

Take action

Realizing the cause of what happened can help you get over a miscarriage. You’ll be so distracted about following your doctor’s orders or seeking treatments that you won’t have time to mope or be depressed.

Do not forget

Most women who have miscarried have a hard time moving on because they just want to forget. Unfortunately, forgetting is not the key. The loss of a baby, no matter how early in the pregnancy, is real and just can’t be simply forgotten.

In order to get over a miscarriage, do not forget but accept what has happened. Acceptance is a much needed step in healing and moving on.

Surround yourself with friends

It is easier to get over a miscarriage if you surround yourself with positive individuals, who can make you laugh and enjoy your day. This might sound impossible with all the emotional pain you are currently feeling but it really helps. If you have friends who have experienced the same thing, talk to them about how they got over their miscarriage.

What did you do to get over a miscarriage? We’d love to hear your story and how you managed coping with the loss. Tell us your story and you might be able to help others heal too. For more on how to deal with a miscarriage, watch this video:

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