Grae Fernandez to dad Mark Anthony Fernandez: "I will always be proud to be your son"

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"No matter what people say about you, I will always be proud to be your son because you're the best dad!"

Following his recent arrest for possession of Marijuana, 37-year-old actor Mark Anthony Fernandez has been at the top of headlines.

Many netizens showed their support while many others bashed the actor for being an "addict".

Despite all of this, one supporter never wavered--his 14-year-old son Grae, who's also beginning his acting career.

Taking to Twitter to voice his support for his dad, he wrote: "No matter what people say about you, I will always be proud to be your son because you're the best dad! #markanthonyfernandez"

He also changed his profile photo to one of him as a young boy in the arms of his dad.

Grae is the eldest son of Mark Anthony with his ex-wife Melissa Garcia.

Me,my dad and my bro????

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In an interview with PEP, Grae emphasized that he's alway been aware of his dad's past struggle with drugs and that he's learned how to "counteract (negativity) with confidence."

As of this writing, Mark Anthony Fernandez is still being detained at Station 6 of the Angeles City Police Department in Pampanga.

Though the drug tests found him positive for Marijuana, there was no other drugs--such as methamphetamine--in his system.

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