Romantic relationships suffer after having kids; here’s what you can do to stop that from happening

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Whoever said having kids would bring a couple closer together was dead wrong. Research has found that relationships suffer after having kids, but only if couples don't continuously work on their connection.

So many couples think that having kids will bring them together. Sadly, research has found that the opposite is true. This probably isn’t something that parents want to hear, but it’s a cold hard fact that you just can’t run away from: there’s no better way to kill the romance in a relationship than by having kids.

According to The Conversation, studies over the last 30 years have confirmed that relationships suffer once kids come into the equation. Researchers found that couples who have children become more dissatisfied with their relationship than childless couples. If the pregnancy was unplanned, this makes the dissatisfaction even worse.

marriage after kids

There is a silver lining though: even though parents report being less satisfied after kids, having kids also makes couples less likely to divorce.

So what can couples do?

Research from The Gottman Institute has found that almost 2/3 of couples become less satisfied in their relationship after having a baby. What were the remaining 1/3 doing right? Here’s a few things you can do to keep your relationship from taking a nose-dive.

1. Who’s got team spirit? We’ve got team spirit!

Parents need to feel that they’re in it together. To do this, they should focus on maintaining emotional intimacy by making more efforts to connect with each other. Instead of just asking close-ended questions (e.g. “Who’s driving the kids to practice tomorrow?”, “Can you take out the trash?”), start actual conversations with open-ended questions (e.g. “What do you think about what’s going on in the news?”, “How do you think we can become better parents?”).

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