Marriage vs. Career Goals: What is more important?

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There is no denying that striving for a happy marriage and working hard to provide for your loved ones are important. But should marriage really be prioritized over one's career?

Striving to excel in a career while cultivating a happy marriage is a balancing act. Though different in many aspects, they both require commitment. But should one be given a higher priority?

No one can tell you or your partner what should be more important. But there are some important things to consider when you are striving to achieve work-life balance.

First, do not believe what they say about how you cannot have both, especially for moms. Having a happy home and a fulfilling career can be done, if this is what you want. Just know that it takes effort and passion and a whole lot of devotion.

Once you have managed to reach a point in your career when you not only feel secure, but you also find meaning in work, then being able to focus on family becomes a whole lot easier. Sadly, this is not the case for all. There can be growing pressure to perform that often affects your disposition at home or how much time and attention you give your kids.

You do not have to choose between one or the other (unless you want to)

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Just because it’s a struggle it does not mean you should quit. You have to assess whether you can afford to quit, practically speaking. Two income households have become the norm these days and from a financial standpoint, you have to make sure your family life won’t suffer, even if it’s admirable that you are putting in effort to make time for them.

Spending time is important. This is why many believe marriage and family should be a priority. Once you have a happy home, it follows that you perform better at work. You also tend not to balk under the pressure, knowing that climbing the corporate ladder is no longer the most important thing.

You know who you are working hard for and thinking about giving them a good future often entails proving them with a happy present.

At the end of the day, only you can determine what is best for you and the ones you love.


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