4 Marriage principles that can help improve your intimacy

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A lot of couples admit that intimacy is the hardest part of the relationship to maintain. Which is why it's important to know what you can do to improve it.

These 4 marriage principles can help improve the intimacy in your relationship by helping you cope with loss and disappointment, which are the primary reasons why couples lose their intimacy.

Disappointment and loss can affect the intimacy in your relationship since whenever you get disappointed with your spouse, or in your marriage, your intimacy suffers.

In order to help deal with disappointment, here are 4 important marriage principles:

1. You won't meet all of your expectations, but the most important thing is to grow and learn

Disappointment is normal, and it's a fact of life. So don't dwell too much on missed opportunities or mistakes. Instead, focus on what you've learned, and the growth that you're experiencing in your marriage.

Learn from your mistakes, and use those lessons to improve your relationship.

2. Your life won't always be the way you want it to be, but that's okay

Not everything is under your control. Sometimes you'll experience problems, sometimes you'll get into big arguments with your spouse, and those situations can make you feel hopeless and sad.

Remember that those things are just a fact of life, and you'll eventually overcome those setbacks. You shouldn't blame your spouse whenever you feel sad or frustrated. Instead, try to see what you can do to fix your current problems and improve your relationship with your spouse.

Focus on what you can do for now instead of dwelling on your problems.

3. Always be grateful

Be grateful for your marriage, for your health, and for your family. Always be thankful for the blessings that you've received, and you'll notice that your problems and fears just simply go away. Look at all of the good things that your spouse has done for you, and you'll have a newfound appreciation towards them.

Tell them that you love them and make them feel loved and appreciated.

4. Allay your spouse's fears

Just like you, your spouse also has fears, problems, and things that they get anxious about. In order to bring the intimacy and closeness back in your relationship, you need to be the one to help your spouse get through those fears and problems.

You need to be their rock, and support them all the way. Be there for your spouse, and your spouse will surely return the favor. Marriage is a give and take relationship, and it's important to treat your spouse just as how you want to be treated.

Source: familyshare.com

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