Measles outbreak in Taguig confirmed by DOH

Measles outbreak in Taguig confirmed by DOH

After a measles outbreak in Davao last January, as well as another outbreak last month in Zamboanga, the DOH now declares that there is an outbreak of measles in certain parts of Taguig.

The DOH has recently confirmed a measles outbreak in a barangay in Taguig.

The DOH confirmed a measles outbreak in Taguig City

Earlier today, the DOH confirmed a measles outbreak in a barangay in Taguig City. 

Health secretary Rolando Enrique Domingo said that seven cases of measles have been reported, and the DOH has responded to those cases.

He added that while the number of cases might be small, the DOH decided to declare an outbreak since the country has not experienced this many cases of measles in a single location in a long time.

Outbreaks have also been declared in Zamboanga and Davao

Last January, a measles outbreak was declared in Davao City after the number of suspected cases blew up to 224. Out of the 224 cases, 121 were confined to the hospital, 16 were confirmed to have measles, and four died.

Out of 182 barangays in the city, 38 were affected by the measles outbreak.

And last February 24, another outbreak was declared in Zamboanga. 166 cases were reported in 2018, and the outbreak was blamed on the lack of vaccine coverage in the area. The last supplemental vaccination was conducted back in 2014.

The DOH urges parents to vaccinate their kids

As a result of these outbreaks, the DOH urges parents to vaccinate their kids against measles.

In the wake of the Dengvaxia controversy, more and more parents have been reportedly refusing to get their children vaccinated. Most of them are afraid that their children might suffer side effects.

However, the DOH maintains that the measles vaccine is effective and safe. Parents have nothing to worry about should they choose to get their children vaccinated against measles.


Source: ABS-CBN News

Photo from: Wikimedia Commons

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