Meet Our Team

Meet the passionate faces behind Tickled Media. We are a growing team from various educational and cultural backgrounds. Don’t be shy, drop us a note. Say HI! We would love to know you better too.


Roshni Mahtani
CEO and Founder
Roshni Mahtani is the CEO and Founder of Tickled Media - the publisher of theAsianparent.com. Roshni is also actively involved in the Singapore entrepreneurship scene. Besides setting up the Female Founders Network which has over 250 female founders, she also sits on the board of TIE Singapore and is a mentor at JFDI. Roshni is also an Executive Producer of Untouchable: Children of God - A 2014 documovie about the abuse of little girls in the brothels of India.
Hari Kumar
Hari Kumar
Hari Kumar is the founding partner and CEO of LionRock Capital. He has almost 20 years of experience in the finance and securities markets with 15 years of direct investing experience in the Asia Pacific markets. Prior to founding LionRock Capital, Hari was a co-founder and partner at TPG-Axon Capital, where he was responsible for building the organization, raising capital and investing across a variety of geographies and sectors.Prior to joining TPG-Axon, Hari was a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs.


William Klippgen
William Klippgen is a Norwegian entrepreneur and technology investor based in Singapore. He is the co-founder of European comparison e-commerce portal Zoomit.com which later merged with Kelkoo.com to become Europe’s third largest online shopping destination. Kelkoo was sold to Yahoo! in 2004.
Sanjeev Shah
Sanjeev Shah
Sanjeev Shah is an Indian entrepreneur, investor, businessman and film producer. In 1994, he established Rollon Hydraulics Pvt Ltd. The company was sold to Swedish multi-national Trelleborg AB in 2006. Shah is currently managing director of the Singapore-based seed investment fund BAF Spectrum Pte Ltd which invests in fast-growing tech startups across Asia.
Alon Sobol
Alon Sobol
Alon Sobol is a Canadian entrepreneur. He has held various Product Management, Marketing and Partnership positions in Silicon Valley mobile and gaming companies and has spent his career at the intersection of building product, user growth and monetization. Most Recently Alon was Head of Mobile Partnerships for Facebook in Asia working with mobile operators and device manufacturers to grow Facebook’s mobile presence in Asia.
Hellmut Shchutte
Hellmut Schütte
Professor Hellmut Schütte is Distinguished Professor of International Management, Vice President and Dean at CEIBS since February 2013. He is also Emeritus Professor of International Management at INSEAD whose faculty he joined in Fontainebleau, France, in 1981 after a career in the areas of marketing and investment banking. He teaches and does research in the area of international business with a special focus on Asia and Emerging Markets.



Ameetess Dira
Country Manager, Philippines and Regional VP of Strategy and Client Services
Ameetess Dira, who graduated with an AB in Communications from Ateneo de Manila University, is all about results. And her track record is stellar. She expanded Digital Dojo Media Works from a production house to a one-stop shop for marketing needs; handled multinational clients such as Nestlé and Pfizer Visine; and swung the operations of Metrograde Corporation to a nationwide reach. As country manager for the Philippines, Ameetess is using her tri-media experience to grow theAsianparent Philippines to an online powerhouse.


Carla Casanova
Dazzle Ng Sy
Content Director and Special Projects Lead, Philippines
After years in FMCG, retail, and publishing, she forays into momhood, stumbling but happy.
Bianchi Mendoza
Content Producer, Philippines
Bianchi is a registered nurse-turned-writer who has worked for TV and print. She is currently taking her Masters in creative writing. She hopes to finish her thesis soon. She loves binge-watching crime shows and she is obsessed with music even if she can't carry a tune.
Alwyn Batara
Regional Content Producer
Alwyn is very passionate about the written word. He hopes to write a novel someday, but is currently struggling with writing a short story. He is also a fan of public transportation, and believes that the best ideas come from long commutes.
IMG_4847 (1)
Santiago Santa Cruz
Regional Content Producer
Santiago is a youthful and dedicated writer who has experience in the startup environment. He was previously Editor-in-Chief of a startup called Firstbite.PH. He also wrote for his school's newspaper, and has even been published in literary magazines for his comedy writing. Santiago's other professional experience stems from entertainment and lifestyle blogging. He’s a goodhearted, fun-loving guy who loves to converse and make other people smile. He would like you to think he’s a cool guy, but he’s secretly a huge nerd who loves all thing pertaining to nerd culture. Santiago is particularly interested in movies, music, reading, and sports.
Christine Morale
Cristina Morales
Regional Content Producer
Cristina is a lifestyle writer by day and a fictionist by night. When she’s not working, she can be found planning her next beach trip. She is a dog mommy to a Yorkshire terrier, who is turning four this year.

Operations and Finance

Janine Mendoza
Operations Manager
Baptized with a name she rarely use (thanks-to-that-if-you-survived-a-near-death-experience-change-your-name Filipino superstitious belief), Janine reckons the idea that not all the time, people are given second chances in life. She observes time management in order to be efficient in everything she does. Discipline, responsibility and camaraderie are the core values she live by—in and outside of work. But don’t get her wrong, she’s not just all work and no play lady. She finds joy taking photos of interesting subjects, drawing and drafting her dream house and yes, takes time to stalk her favorite Kpop idols.
Marky Maisog
Junior Finance
Marky is positive about every aspect of his life. There are many things he likes to do, to see, and to experience. He’s a dreamer and as much as he loves to talk, he is also a great listener. Marky delights in seeing the sun rise in the morning and the moon at night.

Sales & Marketing

Stephen Lay
Programmatic sales
Stephen has not one but two last names in his identification card--Lay and Lai. Want to know another cool fact? Stephen earned bragging rights when he finished his first ever 42km marathon under 6 hours--and that’s no Lie! In the professional world, he loves to see ideas take place instantly in the dynamic and fast paced digital media landscape.
Stan Ocampo
Client Services-Regional
Stan may look like a one tough man but he is a real softie on the inside. He is happy husband and a proud dad to his little princess.
Ruby Fernandez
Ruby D. Fernandez
Client Support - Regional
It might be for a fact that she has been an unswerving honor student from pre-school to college (also had Latin awards in her Bachelor’s Degree), but Ruby can’t deny that she has just received the most invaluable trophy life can award her – Yash, her curly little critter. As an experienced sales manager, writer, editor, chorale singer, videographer and events coordinator rolled into one (confidently a Jack of all trades!) she is always caught daydreaming about putting up a company of her own someday. Looks snobbish and timid at first, but definitely unruffled, approachable and obliging especially at work which brands her as a good addition to any client servicing team.
Bea Gabuya
Sales and Marketing Associate
Bea is a loyal fan girl to her K-Pop idols and she pretends that she can be one of them in the future. She loves writing and interacting with people because it’s her training ground before she becomes a star.


Khushboo Khiatani
Khushboo Khiatani
Insights Manager
The untamed curls may bring Khushboo that air of quirkiness laced with a bit of mystique, but what truly makes her unique is her avidness in exploring new places, especially if it’s to satisfy her craving for delicious food. Being a natural explorer has placed her in the right position to handle market research for Tickled Media where Google is her battlefield.


Alvin De Cruz
Lead Software Engineer
Alvin De Cruz arrives with extensive knowledge in mobile and internet technologies in highly scalable platforms. He comes from the game industry, hailing from Gumi Asia. Leading the technology teams over there, he helped to establish famous properties such as Brave Frontier, one of the top 10 games of 2014 in Google and Apple App Stores, with active users reaching up to six-figures a day.