Melai Cantiveros opens up about her battle with postpartum depression

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Melai Cantiveros on her postpartum depression: "Kapag umiiyak siya, nagkukulong na ako sa kabilang kuwarto. Ayoko nang marinig na umiiyak siya."

Actress Melai Cantiveros gave birth to her second daughter with husband Jason Francisco last April 2017. And in a recent episode of the weekly magazine show Rated K, the actress admitted to having battled with postpartum depression.

“Para akong baliw”

The actress recounted, “Ang postpartum pala, natatakot ako sa iyak ng anak ko. Natatakot akong hawakan siya.

“Kapag umiiyak siya, nagkukulong na ako sa kabilang kuwarto. Ayoko nang marinig na umiiyak siya.

“Para akong baliw, totoo talaga yun, para akong baliw.”

Postpartum depression has been described as intense feelings of sadness or despair after giving birth that can prevent a mother from being able to care for herself and/or her child.

The actress shared that eventually, she was able to overcome her postpartum depression. And eventually, she was able to take care of her newborn baby. She added that she also experienced postpartum depression after her first pregnancy.

Melai Cantiveros

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Dealing with postpartum depression

Here are five important things to remember for moms who are dealing with postpartum depression:

  • Be good to yourself. Make sure that your basic needs are met, and don’t stress yourself out too much.
  • Don’t demand too much from yourself. While it’s true that you have responsibilities, that doesn’t mean that you need to always overexert yourself.
  • Have a good support group. Having a supportive husband, family, or group of friends is vital when it comes to dealing with postpartum depression.
  • Share your feelings. Don’t be afraid of sharing how you feel with other people. Sharing helps you let out your feelings and can help other people better understand you.
  • Don’t rush things. Don’t try and immediately “feel better.” Take as much time as you need, but make sure to seek out help and support for your condition.



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