What do cheating men want? A mistress shares her opinion

What do cheating men want? A mistress shares her opinion

Plus, find out why men cheat over and over, according to an expert

Why do men cheat over and over? We've previously considered the fact that it might be genetic and we've also taken a closer look at some scientific reasons behind repeated infidelity. Now, let's see what a woman who's been the 'other woman' has to say on the matter.

Single mom and mistress Susan Jay (not her real name) recounts her experiences in a blog entry for the Business Insider. She believes that truly knowing her lover has helped her "make him happy." She's also learned how to selflessly please him and let him do the same, in and outside of the bedroom.

Men need to feel needed, she emphasizes.

"Men are simple," explains mistress Jean (not her real name) to Mirror. "Once they feel they 'have you,' they will stop impressing you and start impressing someone else."

make sure the honeymoon phase never fades

So why does the cheating happen repeatedly?

Men are driven emotional attachment and sexual desire. Marriage therapist Robert Weiss believes men who cheat constantly are driven by denial and self-deception. They constantly try to justify or rationalize their behavior that shield them from feeling remorse, thus they eventually fall into repeated cheating habits.
Cheaters are often immature, insecure, vengeful, angry, selfish, impulsive, or dealing with unresolved issues, which could have began in childhood.
There comes a point when the serial cheating can be traced to a deep character flaw, writes Dr. White on Psychology Today. The incidents of infidelity are no longer happen driven by chance or circumstance, but rather something deep within that "corrupts" someone's decision-making, as they give in to their impulses over and over.
Likening adultery to the simple act of procrastination, which means putting off a task over and over until it becomes a habit, Dr. White. This bad habit, along with other "character flaws", are rooted in overwhelming feelings that are fleeting and momentary.
No one is immune to these temptations, but not everyone has the resolve to fight against it.
Moms and dads, how do you battle the temptation? Let us know in the comments below!

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