5 Ways being a middle schooler's mom is unbelievably stressful

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Sure, being in middle school is tough on kids, but new research shows it's just as hard on their mommies! Learn more here!

Okay, let's just get this out of the way before we go any further: Kids grow up too dang fast!

Now that that's out the way, we can focus on the fact that for better or worse, our little ones are bound to grow up and experience all the different stages of development. While they're sure to hit their own unique milestones, and bumps and bruises as they sprout up like a weed, parents themselves go through their own development.

Interestingly enough, researchers have recently been attempting to surmise which stage of development is actually the roughest and toughest on parents. Today, we'll be specifically focusing  on moms.

As it turns out, new research recently published in the Journal of Developmental Psychology has found that for moms, the most challenging and most stressful time in her chid's development is middle school.

Middle Schooler's Mom Is Unbelievably Stressful

Middle school goes by a number of different names, but any way you slice the pie, it's the period of education between elementary school (grades 1-6) and high school (grades 9-12).

Now that we know the single most stressful time for moms in their kids' development, it's time that we discuss why. Here's a list of the top 5 reasons that middle school is the roughest, toughest time for mothers:

1. Unpredictability

Middle schoolers are aged anywhere from 11-13 years old. That means--yes, you guessed it--hormones are abundant. As you know, hormones are what cause those "tween" aged children to be so volatile and abrasive. Gone are the days of your adorable little bundle of joy begging to be held and cared for. Now it's all about sporadic occurrences of frustration and coarse unpredictable behavior.


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2. Seperation

Even more than adults, developing preteens and teens require a boat load of separation and room for growth. The reason is because these are the formative years for developing a sense of individuality and sense of self. However, to moms, this comes off as a sign of rebellion. It's incredibly stressful to think that your child is constantly seeking independence as a form of rebellion. In fact, it almost comes off as a harsh form of rejection. The truth couldn't be further, but the fact remains that this unique time in a kid's development rubs mommies the wrong way.


3. Confusion

As confused as parents--specifically, mommies--may be during this interesting time in a child's growth, it's important to note that they are equally confused...if not more than! Not only are they experiencing a number of physical changes, but they're also starting to notice that they aren't just extensions of mom and dad anymore; they're their own independent person. That means they're realizing that they have a right--in many cases a need--to voice their opinions and thoughts. The result is confusing behavior for both parties. And, more often than not, lots of arguments which leaves parents confused and stressed.

Middle Schooler's Mom Is Unbelievably Stressful

4. Outside influences

When your kids were younger, you could pretty much comb through their potential friends and cherry pick the other little kids with whom they would play. Now, as they develop their identity, they'll choose their own unique set of friends, whether or not you approve of them. That means a lot of stress is put on mommies! They'll not only be constantly be worrying about their kids...about other outside influences and how they affect their children. It's one thing to worry about you own kid, but at this time, you'll begin to worry about everyone's kids!


5. Middle school meets mid-life

For many moms, when their kids reach this level and stage of their academic endeavors, they themselves will be facing their mid-life! Whether you embrace mid-life with open arms, or you experience a crisis, the two stages of development are bound to clash in some capacity. Think about it: while your child is dealing with biological changes, moms themselves will also be experiencing some new and unusual changes. It can be rather stressful, and the clashing of these two stages of development can cause more stress than moms care to deal with.


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