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Milk bath maternity photography is a gorgeous new trend for moms-to-be

Expectant moms are now submerging themselves in milk baths for dreamy maternity photographs

If you’ve been looking at recent maternity photographs, you’ve probably noticed a new trend that has cropped up: milk bath photography.

These photo sessions are achieved by filling up a tub with water then adding milk until you get the opacity that you need. The tub is then decorated with various bright flora that pop against the white liquid, creating a dreamy setup.

“The focus isn’t on the location or the outfit”

Milk bath photography achieves a minimalist and intimate look that focuses on the expectant mother.

“I think milk bath photography is becoming popular because of the simplicity of it,” photographer Ashley McGinty told PopSugar. “The focus isn’t on the location or the outfit.”

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As milk baths are also very therapeutic and comfortable, the photo sessions are as natural and comfortable as they can get.

"So many moms opt for a water birth for the same reasons—it’s a comfortable and natural environment for mom and baby," McGinty said. "The beauty with milk bath sessions is you can keep them simple but they're also extremely versatile depending on the look you desire. You can add anything as decor, even color the water and endless options of attire.”

"Not every client is a model shape and a milk bath helps them feel more comfortable"

Instead of focusing on posing, moms-to-be can relax and unwind.

“What attracts a lot of my clients who are a bit shy or don’t like posing is you don’t have to do that in a milk bath,” photographer Wendy Atkins told Daily Mail. “It’s easy for everyone to just look gorgeous. Not every client is a model shape and a milk bath helps them feel more comfortable. It focuses on the lovely face and beautiful round stomach.”

McGinty uses a jetted tub, filling it up with water and a 3/4 gallon of milk until the jets are covered. But if you don’t have access to a nice tub, she recommends using a kiddie pool, draping it with a tarp before it’s filled.

(Lead image: kamikayphotography/Instagram)

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