Miriam Quiambao on marriage and becoming an 'instant mommy'

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In an exclusive interview, Beauty Queen-TV Host-Author Miriam Quiambao shares her journey to finding the one, the joys and challenges of married life and how she embraced her new role as mom to 7-year old Joshua.

When beauty queen turned TV host Miriam Quiambao decided to share her story, she was not expecting that it will be the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

The idea to write a book started in 2007.

“At that time, I was already separated from my first husband and I wanted to inspire myself — to have a happy ending to my life/love story,” she recounts, “But not too long after that, much of my life wasn’t working: my relationships, career, financial and spiritual life were all in disarray.”

The journey to sharing her story

In 2012, she enrolled in Ardy Roberto’s writing workshop.

Not having previous experience as a writer, she had difficulty where to begin but with prayer and mentorship, she started to write. “The journals I wrote though the years helped a lot as I looked back on my thoughts on various stages of my life and healing.”

The whole process was cathartic, Miriam recalls. 

“My mentor, Ardy, who eventually became my husband, would tell me to take a day during our honeymoon in order to write in our hotel/rented apartment.”

The book, “He Can Catch You When You Fall” was completed in two years. Miriam’s grateful that it is well received. She shares, “I am always blessed to hear from my readers on how the book has blessed them and how they felt inspired in more ways than one.”

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Marriage is both wonderful and challenging

Miriam and Ardy got married one year and seven months ago. When asked how life has been since marrying Ardy, she exclaims, “Marriage has been great so far!”

But she is quick to point out that although it’s wonderful, it is not without its challenges.

Like any other couple, she and Ardy have had their fair share of arguments but it’s a good thing they know how to control it.

Miriam shares their secret: “What works for us is a lot of prayer and that we know that we are not each other’s enemy. There are times when no one is at fault — times when he sees ‘blue’ when I see ‘pink’.”

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When asked what she loves most about her husband, she shared, “I always thank God for giving him to me as my husband. He is so thoughtful of little things, providing our needs, and being so loving of our family in every way possible.”

But aside from being a husband, Miriam is grateful that he is a good father. She says, “I also appreciate how he is being a great father to Joshua, teaching him the way he should go and raising him to be Godly, too.”

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“Love is a decision.”

When asked to talk about Joshua, Ardy’s son from a previous marriage, Miriam lovingly describes him as a “sweet, funny and obedient boy.”

What Miriam loves most about him is that he loves spending time with them.

“He writes us occasional love notes and tells us that he loves us,” she shares. “He knows how to make people feel comfortable, loves cracking jokes and  brings joy and positivity to everyone around.”

What being an ‘instant mommy’ taught her is how to be more selfless. “I learned to set aside my own selfishness and learned how to share my time, resources and to be sensitive to others’ needs. Overall, in spite of the sacrifices I needed to make, I feel very much fulfilled being a wife and mother in this stage of my life.”

Photo credit: Princess L. Yang

Photo credit: Princess L. Yang

Though she did not give birth to Joshua, this doesn’t make him any less her son.

“Love is a decision,” she says. “I started this journey of motherhood without any experience nor any hormones to help me bond with my son. But when I made the decision to marry Ardy, I knew that Joshua was part of the package.”

Motherhood was something she embraced with open arms and with God’s guidance.

“As I continue to care for him, spend time with him, I have grown to love him as my own. It’s a chosen kind of love and that’s what makes it special,” she shares.

Miriam is at a truly blessed point in her life. We asked her to let us take a peek into her prayer list and this is what it said:

  • That God will help me to love & respect my husband, Ardy, be the best helpmate for him. 
  • That God will continue to give me wisdom to raise Josh to be Godly and to fulfill God’s purpose for him. 
  • For Josh to grow in love with the Lord, that he will grow in wisdom, stature & favor with God & men. 
  • That we will soon get pregnant with our own biological kids.”
  • We are praying that God, by His grace, will also bless us with babies of our own and we are waiting for God’s perfect timing regarding this. Our prayer for our future children is that they will grow up to become lovers of the Lord.
Photo credit

Photo credit: Princess L. Yang

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