LOOK: Miss Bulgaria gives gown to daughter of a single mom

LOOK: Miss Bulgaria gives gown to daughter of a single mom

A lucky teen will be feeling like a queen at her upcoming prom because of Miss Universe Bulgaria's generosity

Violina Ancheva may not have made it to the Top 13 of the recently concluded Miss Universe pageant, but that didn't stop her from being confidently beautiful with a heart. The Bulgarian beauty queen took to Facebook to announce that she will be giving away the stunning gown she wore to the pageant's opening ceremony to one lucky girl.

"To my Filipino friends...I would like to give as a present my Miss Universe Gown (on the picture) to one of you that really want it and need it," she wrote on Facebook. "I want to give the dress to a girl in need that can't buy a dress for her prom the next month. Please write to me a personal message for details.  I am leaving soon, so please hurry up."

Along with her message, she shared a photo of herself wearing the beautiful navy blue two-piece gown with an embellished top and tulle skirt designed by Sherri Hill.

The post was shared nearly 30,000 times.

Miss Bulgaria wanted to give her gown away to share the joy and to make someone feel beautiful

According to ABS-CBN news, Ancheva said she wanted to share the joy she felt while she was wearing it. She also wanted its new owner to feel beautiful and happy.

Netizens commended her for her kindness and, naturally, she was flooded with messages from fans who wanted the dress.

Just a day after her post, the dress had found its new owner: Issay Gallano, a single mom of two, who did not have the means to buy her daughter a dress for her prom.

Now, because of Miss Bulgaria's generosity, Issay's teen daughter Zhyra will be looking like the queen of her prom even if, like Miss Bulgaria, she doesn't win a crown.

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