What you missed: Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are having a baby girl and other news

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It's a girl!

Pop star Adam Levine and supermodel Behati Prinsloo will soon be welcoming a daughter, PEOPLE confirms.

The couple broke the news that they were expecting last month (March 2016) and since then, their many fans have been eagerly anticipating to find out the sex of their baby.

The Victoria's secret angel is fully embracing her pregnancy journey and the bodily changes that come along with it!

She recently posted two two selfies: In the first one, she showcases her baby bump with the caption, "So far, so good."

So far so good ???? ????????????

A photo posted by Behati Prinsloo Levine (@behatiprinsloo) on

And the second is a collage of selfies where she proudly models her first maternity wear purchase!


A photo posted by Behati Prinsloo Levine (@behatiprinsloo) on

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WATCH: Rare Footage of Touching Dolphin Birth

Visitors of the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois were treated to the beautiful, rare sight of a dolphin giving birth to her calf after a year-long pregnancy.

The heartwarming moment was captured on video.

Katrl was in labor for three hours but as she swam in circles, we see the little calf emerging, tail-first.

"As soon as those little tail flukes appear, your heart begins to race," Lisa Takaki, the aquarium's senior director of marine mammals told CNN. "And you know it's only a matter of time before you are about to witness something incredibly amazing."

After the birth, we see the mother (Katrl) and calf's first powerful interactions. We see right away how protective Katril is, "steering her calf away from the sides of the habitat and helping guide it into position to conserve its energy reserves," observes Takaki.The calf whose sex hasn't be determined was born weighing 25 pounds and was about three feet long.

After its first year of life, the calf will receive a name from Tlingit, one of the languages of a Natives from the Pacific Northwest.

Moments after birth, the little calf immediately swam alongside its mother to take its first breaths above water. The aquarium will temporarily closed to allow mom and calf to have time to bond.

Watch the touching birth below.

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Japan tries to recover from massive twin quakes

The recent earthquakes that rocked southwest Japan last April 14 and 16 left 47 dead and more than a thousand injured.

After the first one struck, it was found to have had a magnitude of 6.2. The quake that followed two days later was 7.0 in magnitude.

A week after the tragedy, Japan is slowly trying to recover with rescue and clean-up efforts, but it has not been easy.

CNN reports that the shock splintered roads carved out deep fissures, and triggered landslides, damaging numerous roads and bridges and making it difficult for first responsers to assess the disaster zone and to give aid.

As of this writing, eight people are still missing and 3,000 buildings have been damaged, reports CNN. Though some buildings were able to withstand the first quake, but were no match for the second, more stronger, quake on Saturday morning.
More than 180,000 people relocated to evacuation shelters but are fearful of the possibility of aftershocks after one hit on Monday that was nearly as strong as the first quake.
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