5 Efficient mom hacks to keep your kid's toys organized

Can't seem to get your little one's room in order? Here are some clever ideas to make things easier!

As a mom, you’ve certainly devised ways to make storage and clean-up easier, but if you believe there’s still room for improvement, then it’s best to take your cue from what fellow moms have learned! We stumbled upon this clever clip put together by What’s Up, Moms and were simply amazed!

Here are some of their mom hacks when it comes to toy organization that truly impressed us.

1. Use a clothes organizers for storing toys

Is your child’s room littered with Barbies and bulky board games! Just take shoes and clothes organizers and use them to put toys away efficiently! Storing Barbies in shoe organizers helps your child take care of them better and easily choose one to play with. It also makes putting toys away more enjoyable!

screenshot: Youtube

As for clothes organizers, most board games can fit neatly into their slots, making clean-up a breeze!

screenshot: Youtube

2. Use a coffee carousel for Play-Doh

Swap coffee pods with your kid’s favorite play-doh and store them in a fun carousel. It will make storage easier and picking out a color all the more fun!

screenshot: Youtube

3. Organize puzzles in pencil cases and plate racks

Tired of having to fix boxes upon boxes of puzzles? Try taking the pieces and storing them in compact cases, like pencil organizers, instead. Don’t forget to store the puzzle image with them, too.

screenshot: Youtube

As for puzzle boards, a regular plate rack can do wonders in storing them upright, making it easier for your little one to choose from them during playtime!

screenshot: Youtube

4. Store play food realistically!

Tired of stepping on stray play food pieces? Get a spice rack and line them up. Not only is this more efficient, it makes for pretty decor, too!

screenshot: Youtube

5. Display your kid’s artwork using easy-to-change clipboards!

If your kid loves drawing or making art, having a place to display them with pride adds to the fun! Sticking clipboards to the wall makes it easier for you to change them up.

screenshot: Youtube

You can watch the full video below!

What organizational mom hacks would you like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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