Son asks mom to make two lunches to feed his classmate

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This boy and his mother teach us a valuable lesson about compassion

When 14-year-old Dylan Duran asked his mother Josette to make him an extra meal, she thought he was just hungry. But soon, she found out that he had been giving the extra lunch to a boy who only had a fruit cup for lunch every day.

“I’m so proud of my son’s heart!” Josette wrote in a Facebook post. “He is so kind.”

Josette kept packing two meals for the boys until one day, when her son’s principal called her in for a meeting. The boy’s mother had found out that Josette had been feeding her son, and wanted to pay her back. Josette admitted to Today that she was a little anxious to meet the boy’s mother.

“This hit home to me because a few years ago me and my son were homeless”

“Because in this day and age, when you try to help somebody, some people get offended by it. People aren’t used to kindness,” she said. “So I was kind of scared. I didn’t want her (the mom) to think that I was stepping on her toes, or crossing boundaries, but she was very, very thankful and told me so. She told me how much she appreciated what we did.”

She couldn’t accept the money, and when she found out that Dylan’s friend’s mom was a single parent who had lost her job, she only empathized with her even more.

“This hit home to me because a few years ago me and my son were homeless,” she continued in her video. “I was sleeping in my car, I was washing him in bathrooms, and we didn’t have food.”

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