Mommy life hacks: The surprisingly simple ways of getting crayon stains off anything!

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Crayon stains are by far one of the most annoying and difficult stains to remove. But with these life hacks, you'll quickly remove crayon stains in no time!

For the longest time, moms have dreaded cleaning off crayon stains. Crayon stains are notoriously hard to remove, kids leave them everywhere; their clothes, walls, carpets, tables, you name it!

So here are some awesome life hacks to make crayon stains a little less of a hassle!

1. Removing crayon stains from clothing

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  • First, scrape off as much crayon material as you can from the piece of clothing. You can use a dull knife, or a metal spoon to do this.
  • Put some dishwashing liquid on the stained area, then work it well into the fabric.
  • Rinse it with warm water. The water should be as warm as the fabric will allow, but not too hot since you don’t want to damage the material.
  • Place it in the washing machine, or hand wash it in warm water.
  • Air dry the piece of clothing, and repeat the steps as needed. Make sure to not use a dryer since the dryer can set the wax in the crayon, making the stain permanent.

2. Removing crayon marks from carpets

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  • As with removing crayon stains from clothing, you should first scrape off as much crayon material as you can from the carpet.
  • Cover the remaining crayon stains with a paper towel, and use a blow dryer to heat the area. The paper towel should absorb the crayon from the carpet once the heat melts it.
  • If there’s still some residue, you can use hydrogen peroxide, or agua oxigenada. Make sure to test it on an inconscpicuous area of the carpet first, since hydrogen peroxide can cause chemical reactions.
  • If there’s no stain, then put some hydrogen peroxide on the crayon stain and let it sit for 1 minute.
  • Clean it with a wet piece of cloth, and dry it off with a paper towel.

3. Getting crayon marks off walls

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  • To get crayon marks off of walls, all you need is a damp rag, baking soda, and some elbow grease!
  • Get the damp rag and dip it in some baking soda, and start rubbing off the crayon marks off your walls.
  • Make sure to scrub lightly as the baking soda reacts with the crayon marks, making it easier to rub off.
  • Voila! Enjoy your nice, clean, and crayon mark-free walls!
  • You can also try using WD-40 instead of baking soda. But make sure to do it in a well-ventilated area, and make sure to not get the WD-40 on your skin, as it’s an irritant.


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