This mom will inspire you to wear your stretchmarks with pride!

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After having four kids, this 23-year-old mom proudly shared her stretchmarks on social media. Her post has since gone viral!

Stretchmarks can be a source of great pride or embarrassment for many mothers. However, Doreen Ching, a 23-year-old mommy from Malaysia, is inspiring moms with stretchmarks worldwide — after proudly sharing a photo of her postpartum tummy.

The mom of four, who gave birth two years ago, shared in a now-viral post that she received a lot of “mommy inquiries” about how to get rid of stretchmarks. In response, the mom decided to post a photo of her bare postpartum stomach.

In the post’s caption, which was originally written in Mandarin, the young mom admits that “even if you have money. There’s no way to get rid of it.”

Though she wasn’t able to give them advice on how to get rid of the marks, she managed to inspire many other moms by encouraging body positivity!

The 23-year-old mom is inspiring moms with stretchmarks worldwide but not everyone has been supportive

The young mom, who gave birth at 21, recalls coming out of the delivery room and checking her stomach immediately. She confesses that at first, it was hard to accept and that she even cried upon seeing her “damaged skin tissue.”

Two years on, she looks back at this and happily shares that she’s embraced her postpartum body. She does, however, explain that even though she’s more confident now, being a mom is still the most difficult job.

Over 23,000 people have “liked” her post, while nearly 13,000 people shared it on Facebook since it was posted on 15 March.

src= content/uploads/2018/03/mums with stretchmarks 1.jpg This mom will inspire you to wear your stretchmarks with pride!

Screenshot: Doreen Ching Facebook

A scan of the comment thread shows many were supportive.

“Doreen you’re are beautiful. Your stretch marks are your tiger stripes for being a mother,” wrote one Facebook user.

While others reassured her how brave and beautiful she is, others marveled at how moms have the best jobs in the world.

Some commented that men will never fully understand a “woman’s sacrifice” to be a good mom. And that having stretchmarks is a “lifetime” struggle.

src= content/uploads/2018/03/mum with stretchmark kids .jpg This mom will inspire you to wear your stretchmarks with pride!

The young mom has four kids and though she’s a proud mom, she honestly thinks it’s challenging! | Image source: Doreen Chang Facebook page

Others expressed how scared they are of having the same marks after giving birth.

Another criticized Doreen for being “pretentious,” saying it’s unnecessary for her to be taking her clothes off.

Others called Doreen’s marks “scary” and recommended remedies to get rid of them. Some even went as far as blaming the young mom for having too many kids.

While some moms want to get rid of stretchmarks, others like Doreen wear them with pride!

However you feel about this viral post, one thing’s for sure: moms should love their postpartum bodies!

How moms with stretchmarks can be more proud of their #nofilter postpartum bodies

Doreen isn’t the only mom who has inspired new moms to embrace the bodily changes of pregnancy.

Sarah Turner, a mom blogger, inspired body positivity among her readers by sharing an unfiltered photo of herself baring her post-birth belly and wearing adult nappies.

Celebrity mom Janet Hsieh bravely shared what a mommy tummy really looks like in an Instagram post. She also related her struggles with Diastesis Recti, which happens when your stomach muscles “separate when you’re pregnant.”

src= content/uploads/2017/11/Diastasis recti Janet Hsieh 2 1.jpg This mom will inspire you to wear your stretchmarks with pride!

Photo: Facebook/Janet Hsieh

Joanne Peh also urged fellow mommies to love their postpartum bodies and offered some advice.

The celebrity mom shared how moms should be patient and to avoid “drastic measures” to slim down. Don’t restrict your food intake and pace yourself when it comes to exercising.

Health and quality time with your baby should be top priorities!

Here are other ways you can show your postpartum body some love, moms with stretchmarks!

Give your stretchmarks a new name!

Yes, medically speaking, they are called stretchmarks. But giving them a new name — like battle scars or warrior wounds — can inspire a sense of body positivity! Giving birth is something that requires great strength and that alone should be celebrated!

Filter, filter, filter

No, we don’t mean filtering your photos! Filter what you read online or see on television. Don’t buy into the notion that stretchmarks or weight gain after pregnancy are changes that should elicit shame.

Be patient with it

Whether you have come to accept your mommy battle scars or are looking forward to minimizing them in the future, the important thing is to relish whatever stage of mommyhood you are in.

Accept that there will be days when you will feel ashamed of it; other days will be easier than others.

Don’t be pressured to slim down quickly or be stretchmark-free before your body is ready.

Remember that it doesn’t matter what your #BodyGoals are, what’s important is that your love for yourself at any size will always outweigh what the scale (or social media) says!


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