10 of the most Pinoy dad text messages ever!

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Pinoy dad humor is truly one of a kind because, most of the time, they're not even trying to be funny!

1. Like this dad, who gives a whole new meaning to "strict curfew."

2. They always want you to be safe.

3. Remember: you're "on the clock" as soon as you leave the house

4. For Pinoy dads, "K. GBU." is just as good as "I love you."

(GBU = God bless you.)

5. They could give detectives a run for their money

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6. Everything was better "back in their day"

7. "Pa naman..."


8. "Hindi ka pinag-aral para maglakwatsa..."

9. They have memory lapses at times, but they never forget you're always there to help

10. They're usually not tech savvy and it's adorable!

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