Mother injects urine into hospitalized daughter

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They found syringes, bottles of pee and laxatives in her bag when she was arrested. She could have been doing this to her daughter for years.

Why would you even do that?

Australian police have accused a mother of poisoning her daughter through regular injections of urine through a central vein, according to ABC News.

The 42-year-old mother was arrested when doctors found a yeast infection in her 9-year-old daughter’s IV drip last March 2015—which doctors say can only form when someone has tampered with the IV.

She's been doing this for a long time

Upon arrest, police discovered bottles of urine and syringes in the woman’s handbag, with further evidence of the same going back to as far as 2008, reports say. This led authorities to believe that the mother injected urine in her daughter regularly.

Further reports also show that while the mother injected urine, she also fed her daughter laxatives and tampered with stool samples. If these practices had continued, sources say the child could have died.

Mom blogger and children's health advocate

The daughter, according to reports, has been regularly hospitalized over the years and has even danced in the Sydney Opera House during a fundraiser for children living with diseases. She is a central figure in several charities for ill kids.

While the court case has been adjourned to December 2, 2015, reports reveal that the mother is an avid parenting blogger and children’s health ambassador. While her blog has been taken down, The Vice says she had written about her daughter’s health often, saying, “I wanted him [the doctor] to treat her," she said in her blog, "Do something. Anything. She was in pain and I could see she was becoming unwell.”

src=https://ph content/uploads/sites/11/2015/10/dreamstime s 26147169.jpg Mother injects urine into hospitalized daughter

Not the first time this has happened

The mother has been granted bail on the condition that she does not contact her child or the two hospitals that handle her daughter’s case. The little girl has been removed from the mother’s custody.

In a similar case to mother injects urine or other substances earlier this year, Candida Fluty, 35,  is accused of injecting her son’s IV drip with fecal matter. The boy suffers from a congenital intestine disorder.

What do you think, moms and dads? Why would this mother inject urine into her own daughter over the years? How should she be punished? Tell us about it in the Comment box below.

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