Mother-of-two finally wakes up from her 9-month coma

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Perlite Almonte, an OFW working in UAE, has finally woken up after suffering a 9-month coma, and is looking forward to being with her children again.

She suffered from a type of stroke

Last April 2015, Perlite Almonte, an OFW working as a supervisor for a courier company in Dubai, was found unconscious inside the bathroom of her house.

She was immediately taken to the hospital, where the doctors found that she had slipped into a coma. According to Dr Zeyad Al Rais, Head of Critical Care Department at Rashid Hospital, she fell into a coma because of an intercerebral hemorrhage, a type of stroke that causes bleeding inside the brain.

He adds, "Perlite underwent a surgical intervention to drain the blood. Due to the critical location of the bleeding, the respiratory and hemodynamic functions were affected, and she was kept on a ventilator for more than two weeks, hence the decision was taken to perform tracheostomy, which helped her to gradually be weaned off the mechanical ventilation. We also started early physiotherapy to enhance her muscular power, while she was in coma."

She's looking forward to go home and see her kids again

She regained consciousness in early 2016, and from then on, she underwent physiotherapy as well as therapy to ensure that her neurological state is stable.

She shares, "I have spent over a year and nine months at Rashid Hospital, I now consider the doctors and nurses at the hospital my family. I am truly thankful for the treatment I have received at Rashid Hospital. I am glad that I am recovering and I can’t wait to go to the Philippines to see my children."

Currently, Perlie is still in the hospital, but Dr. Al Rais' team is currently working on an intensive rehabilitation plan that would make her "independent as much as possible so that she can lead a regular life."


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