Mozart is Good for Premature Babies

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Did you know that Mozart is good for premature babies? Studies have found a connection between listening to Mozart and in a premature baby's weight gain.

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Did you know that Mozart is good for premature babies? Here’s why…

Researchers in Jerusalem recently found out that the soothing sounds of Mozart’s music may help preemies gain weight faster. According to their study, premature babies used up lesser energy when they were listening to the music by the famous 18th century composer than when they weren’t. When listening to Mozart’s music, the babies had lower heart and respiratory rates that doctors see as the reason as to why their energy expenditures were lower.

They speculate that this could be due to the calming effect of the music. The research conducted was based on a study made in the early 90′s and t claimed that college-level students who listened to Mozart’s music for ten minutes showed an improvement in their IQ. The researches from Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Centre were then inspired to study Mozart’s effect on preemies.

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