My 3 Labours

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A mother talks about her three deliveries.

Labour and birth stories

labour and birth stories

3 labours

My first born – I could never forget the day and process of giving birth to my son in my early 20s. It was a Monday. I had 36 hours of labour process when I noticed a slight bleeding, after a satisfying dinner at a Western Restaurant. Once I saw the bleeding, I knew that it would take some time before the real show time starts. Quickly, I took a bath, washed my hair and double checked all the items that I had pre- packed for ‘occasion’.

After all that, hubby brought me to the hospital. I was not fully dilated yet and my water bag was burst by my gynae. I was put under observation till the real ‘show’ begun . When the time finally arrived, the contractions was unbearable and I would constant press the alert bell. I was given morphine, gas and finally, I had to be given an epidural as I was in labour for more than 24 hours.

With the epidural, I felt painless and terribly cold. I was asked by my gynae to ‘PUSH’ but no success. Finally, my gynae told me that she needed to do a episiotomy on me as my baby was big (an 8 pound and 10 ounce). With the episiotomy, forceps was still needed to pull and guide him out.

The whole thing was on video and my husband and I viewed it – it was really horrible!!!

My 2nd boy came into the world fast – he was already pushing his head out even before my gynae was in the labour ward with the nurse screaming at me not to push! I shouted at her – ‘I am not pushing! The inside one is the one who is pushing!’. This pregnancy was supposedly a fraternal twins pregnancy but I lost one twin during the 1st trimester.

After 16 years, I gave birth to my baby gal via C-Section with epidural and I was fully awake during the operation. I was rushed by my gynae to speed up the C-Section as the umbilical cord was very near to her neck. During the C-Section, I was told by my gynae that my fibroids were bleeding and he needed to stop the bleeding. But everything came out fine – God gave me a beautiful angel!

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